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Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is a full service perpetual care cemetery. We provide pick-up, in-house cremation or burial preparations, memorials and more.

Choosing Cremation for a Beloved Pet

After the loss of a pet, you will need to decide if burial or cremation is the right solution for your family. Cremation is a popular choice with pet families because of its affordability and flexibility. If you choose pet cremation, you still have many pet funeral options available to you, so you can memorialize your pet in the way that best suits your family.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory, you have the option of private or communal pet cremation. With private pet cremation, your pet is attended to individually, and you receive his or her remains in a cremation urn. Communal cremation allows families the option of combining their pet’s cremation with others. These remains are buried in our pet cemetery in a marked grave, so you have some place to visit your animal.

Let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory help you make the right decisions about pet cremation in Dallas, Texas. When you need our services, please call (682) 258-2324.

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Tips for Comforting Your Sick Pet

Pets are part of the family, and just as the thought of losing one of your human loved ones is painful, facing pet deaths and illnesses can be overwhelming. However, if your pet is ill, he or she will look to you for comfort, whether they are dealing with a minor gastrointestinal issue or facing a terminal illness. Follow these steps to ease your pet’s discomfort during this trying time.

Provide a Quiet Place
When pets are ill, they need plenty of rest. Create a quiet spot for your pet to recuperate without interruption from kids and other pets. Don’t force your pet to stay in the spot, but make it available and encourage him or her to stay there by making it as comfortable as possible. Include your pet’s bed, favorite pillows, favorite blankets, and a few toys that he or she enjoys. Remind everyone in your family to give your pet plenty of space and quiet time.

Offer Comforting Foods
Stomach distress is frequently part of pets’ illnesses. Your pet may not be able to tolerate his or her usual diet. Talk to the vet about foods that your pet can eat safely to get nourishment without stomach upset, like white rice and chicken. Follow all of your vet’s dietary recommendations closely and make sure all of your family members are aware. Sometimes, sick pets drink or eat too quickly, causing further stomach upset. If this happens, serve smaller portions of food and water throughout the day instead of one or two larger feedings.

Interact Appropriately
Your pet may not be able to run, jump, or even go for walks. However, he or she will still need interaction with you. Ask your vet what activities are safe for your pet, and stick to those. Simply sitting with your pet can be comforting for him or her.

When it is time to say goodbye to your pet, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to help with pet cremation and pet burial services. We can help you make decisions about your pet memorial during this difficult time. After the loss of a pet in Fort Worth, Texas, call us at (682) 587-2324.

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Steps to Take Immediately After a Pet Passes Away

Grieving Pet DFW

Pet deaths are traumatic for everyone in the family. In addition to the grieving process after the loss of a pet, there are practical decisions to make about planning your pet’s funeral. You will need to choose between pet burial and pet cremation and determine the kind of pet memorial you want. Follow these steps to make the process as easy as possible.

Get Help
Whether your pet dies at home or at the vet’s office, you will need help. If your pet dies at home, you may wish to call your vet first. If your pet dies at the vet office, call the cemetery you have chosen to use. In some cases, your vet can make the call for you, or recommend a place if have not chosen one. It can be helpful to pre-plan your pet’s funeral or at least research your options for pet burial and cremation services in advance, so you don’t have to make a major decision like this while coping with the loss of your pet. Pet cemeteries can generally pick up your pet at home, the vet office, or wherever you need.

Plan the Funeral
There is a wide range of options to consider for your pet’s funeral. The first choice you will make is burial or cremation. Cremation can be done privately or as part of a group cremation. Pet urns, caskets, and memorial stones are available, as is mausoleum entombment. Some pet cemeteries also feature a funeral home with viewing rooms, should you wish to hold viewing and memorial services for your pet.

Get Grief Support
Some people tell pet families that it is was “just” a dog or cat when they see them struggling with the loss of their animal companions, but it is so much more. Having trouble coping with grief after the loss of a pet is normal, and help is available. Ask the staff at the pet cemetery for resources.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory can help with pre-planning your pet funeral in Arlington, Texas, or with putting together the memorial in the midst of your time of need. Call (682) 872-2324 for more information.

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A Look at Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworm disease is a common cause of pet deaths in animals that do not receive preventative medications. Watch this video to learn how this disease develops and how it causes so many pet deaths.

Infected mosquitos transmit heartworms. Dogs are especially vulnerable because of the amount of time they spend outside. As the worms travel to the heart, they can cause blockages that lead to heart failure, heart attacks, and death. Medications are available to protect pets from mosquito bites that could lead to heartworms.

The loss of a pet is traumatic, but Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to support you through the process of mourning and creating a pet memorial for your lost animal. For help with pet burial in Dallas, please call (682) 587-2324.

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How to Recognize the Signs of End of Life in a Dog

Pet Loss DFW

It can be an extremely difficult time during a pet’s death, but knowing the warning signs can help you and your family cope with the coming loss of your dog. If you notice any of the following signs, you may consider consulting your veterinarian on ways to comfort your dog.

Lack of Appetite and Weight Loss
As your dog reaches the end of his life, he may show little interest in food, or stop eating altogether. As a result, he will probably show signs of weight loss. This may happen for days, weeks, and even months as a given illness becomes worse. Consult your veterinarian about supplements and ways to give your dog nourishment in the months before his passing.

When your dog shows little to no interest in the activities he used to enjoy, he is probably reaching the end of his life. Dogs become lethargic and begin to withdraw the closer they come to the end. They may not respond to normal sounds and sights that once excited them. Sadly, they may not even respond to their favorite people anymore either.

If your dog often seems confused or forgetful, it is a sign he is losing brain function. He may become scared as a result of the confusion and forgetfulness. Be patient and quiet as you try to calm him down. Animals can often pick up human emotions. The more scared and confused you become, the more stressed out he may become.

Loss of Control of Bodily Functions
Bodily functions can mean normal voiding habits, like urinating, but the term can also refer to walking and moving as well. As the end draws near, your dog may lose control of his bladder or bowels; he could begin vomiting; and he may twitch uncontrollably or lose the ability to walk and move regularly.

Dealing with pet deaths isn’t easy for anyone, but Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory would like to help. We have pet memorials, pet urns, and a pet cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at (682) 587-2324 to learn more.

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A Look at Hospice Care for Animals

Grieving Pet DFWAs an illness begins to take hold of your pet, it can become increasingly difficult to care for him. Thankfully, many veterinarian services offer hospice care for dying pets and their families. Before the sad eventuality of a pet’s death, here are the ways hospice care can benefit your pet and the family.

The family gets involved.
Especially if the hospice care is in the family’s home, then it is expected the family will have an active role in caring for the pet. This may mean administering medications, cleaning up after the pet, and providing emotional care. If members of the family are uncomfortable or unable to participate, this should be stated when deciding where hospice care should be located.

Pain management is discussed.
Veterinarian staff should have a frank and open discussion about the pet’s pain management as his end of life approaches. Often, the family will be trained in how to assess the pain level, and how to address the pain with appropriate medications. If the family is too emotional or unable to administer the pain medications, the veterinarian staff needs to be made aware, and take appropriate action to make the animal as comfortable as possible.

Veterinary services are available.
Most veterinarians who offer hospice services will be available at all times, should an emergency occur. These services might also include additional care, advice, or euthanasia when it is needed. If these services are not available, then another veterinarian practice should be available for emergency care.

Euthanasia services are available.
When the time comes to put a pet down, a pet hospice should have the capability to administer euthanasia services. The process and anticipated side effects should be explained to the owners beforehand. Any personal time with the dying or deceased animal should be given, as well.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is available during this difficult time after the loss of a pet. We can help with any pre-planning services, as well as providing a pet memorial in our pet cemetery near Dallas, Texas. Call us today at (682) 587-2324 to learn more about our services.

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Are You Ready for a New Pet?

Pet Loss DFW

After the loss of a pet, well-meaning friends and family may encourage you to get a new pet right away. This is a decision personal to you, and it should not be rushed by anyone, including yourself. Do not be hard on yourself, or quick to replace your lost companion after a pet’s death. You will heal when the time is right.

Deciding if you are ready for a new pet is much the same as when you decided to adopt your previous pet. You must make an informed, yet emotional, decision on what is best for you and your future pet. Try to not feel guilty, like you are betraying your deceased pet; this feeling may be an indication that you are not ready for a new pet. You must also consider the rest of your human and animal family. Be open about everyone’s feelings toward the idea of a new pet, and how well they will accept a new animal.

Pet deaths are difficult for everyone, and Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help when you need us. We provide a full range of services to honor your lost pet, including pet urns and pet memorials in Arlington, Texas. Call us at (682) 587-2324 to speak with a member of our staff.

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The Importance of Burying or Cremating Your Lost Pet

Pet Burial DFW

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience. Pets live alongside of their humans and are present for so many important moments that they aren’t simply animals—they are truly part of the family. For this reason, it helps to acknowledge the significance of pet deaths with a burial or cremation as you would for any loved one. If you have recently lost a pet or want to pre-plan for burial or animal cremation, here is what you need to know.

Getting Closure
Although people without pets often don’t understand the depth of the relationship people have with their pets, pet owners know that losing a pet is not something you just get over. Getting closure and saying goodbye to your faithful pet is a central part of healing. Burying or cremating your pet and planning a ceremony associated with these rituals allows you to honor the pet’s place in your life and perform one last act of love. Many pet parents feel comforted by the knowledge that they have made this gesture of caring and respect to their lost animal.

Helping Children Understand
Children often have an equally difficult time when they lose a family pet. For young children in particular, it can be their first experience with death, and they may not fully understand what has happened. Having your pet buried or cremated helps children come to terms with the finality of the loss. It also opens up an opportunity for them to ask questions they may have about your pet’s death.

Avoiding Health Hazards
Some people wish to dispose of their pets in their own ways, but this can often lead to health hazards and violate city ordinances. Burials must be very deep to be safe from being disturbed, and many cities have laws that prevent home burials. A professional burial at a pet cemetery or cremation helps you avoid these complications.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is available to answer all of your questions about burial and cremation planning so you can make an informed decision after a pet death. Learn more about pet cremation cost, burial, and pet memorials in Fort Worth, Texas by calling (682) 587-2324.

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What Are the Signs of Arthritis in Cats?

No pet owner likes the idea of his or her animal suffering needlessly. Although pet deaths are painful, owners often choose that option over allowing their animal to be in pain. Because cats are notoriously stoic, it can be hard to know when they are suffering. Watch this video to learn signs that your cat has arthritis pain. This advice can also help you recognize other kinds of medical issues in your cat.

Cats who are experiencing pain may resist being pet and may stop grooming themselves. If you suspect your cat is hurting or is otherwise ill, contact a vet for advice. Early treatment can sometimes prevent pet deaths.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we know how difficult the loss of a pet is. Get compassionate help learning about pet cremation costs and planning a pet memorial in Dallas by calling (682) 587-2324.

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Talking to Young Children About the Loss of a Family Pet

Pet Loss DFW

Pet deaths can affect children just as deeply as they do parents. After the loss of a pet, or when you know that a pet is terminally ill or will be euthanized, parents can help their children cope by talking to them openly about what is happening. The discussion can be difficult for parents who are also coping with the loss, but these tips will help you get the conversation started.

Start Early
Sometimes pet deaths are unexpected, but if you have the ability to prepare your children for the inevitable loss of family pet, then do so. As your pet ages, talk to your children about the death of your pet in the future and how that will affect you as a family. These conversations allow your children to ask questions and get a better understanding of what the loss will mean so it is not so surprising or confusing when it actually happens.

Be Direct
Although it may be tempting to try to cushion the blow for your children, avoid using euphemisms, such as saying that your pet has gone to sleep or has gone away. For young children, this language can be confusing and can leave them with the impression that the pet is coming back. It may also make them afraid to sleep or that if you leave the house that you won’t return. Use honest language to avoid these difficulties.

Stay Age Appropriate
Children’s understanding of death varies at different stages of development. Before age two, children usually respond to parents’ cues about the loss of a pet. Before age five, children may struggle to see death as permanent. Before age 10, children may feel some kind of responsibility for the loss of a pet because they had at times been frustrated with the animal or ignored it. Provide truthful information in a way your children are old enough to process. Having a pet funeral or memorial can help children understand the loss.

Support services are available from Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, as well as pet cremation and pet caskets in Dallas, Texas. When you lose a pet, call us for help at (682) 587-2324.

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