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Coping with Your Pet's Terminal Illness

Pet Terminal Illness Fort WorthBeing told that your pet has a terminal illness can be a shocking blow. Even if your furry friend was displaying unusual behavior, it can be difficult to prepare for such a diagnosis. Pet deaths in Fort Worth, Texas, and beyond that are due to terminal disease can prompt a mixture of feelings. If you are anticipating the loss of a pet, these suggestions can help you effectively cope with this period in your life.

Know Your Choices

Illness-related pet deaths often involve a disease that may run its course over several weeks or months. During this time, you can continue to seek advice from different veterinarians to ensure that the initial diagnosis is correct and that you are aware of all available treatment options. The veterinarian whom you ultimately decide to use can also educate you on how this illness might change your pet’s appearance or behavior and what you can do to maintain his quality of life for as long as possible.

Get Support

The grieving process can begin before your pet passes, so don’t hesitate to reach out to others during this period. Your family and friends can offer the proverbial shoulder to lean on, but they can also provide invaluable help when your pet needs more comprehensive care. Beyond relying on those in your personal circle, you can utilize professional services in a group environment or on a one-on-one basis to help you process your feelings of grief.

Arrange Future Needs

You might also find solace in preparing for the eventual passing of your pet. Pet burial and pet cremation experts can provide you with the information you need to decide what end-of-life services you would like for your pet. Arranging for your future needs can also alleviate the potential pressures of having to organize these services once your pet passes away.

Let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory help you coordinate your pet memorial, pet burial, or pet cremation needs. We also offer encouragement services as you move through the grieving process. For information on how we can support you and honor your beloved pet during this time, call (817) 478-6696.

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Exploring Our Pet Urns for Cats

Animal cremation is a popular choice for many people who have recently suffered the loss of a pet. To help pet owners have a lasting keepsake of their beloved pet, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers a diverse array of cat urns. Our pet crematory in Fort Worth, Texas, offers an extensive collection of pet urns with options that reflect a variety of preferences. Pet owners can opt for our traditional rounded cat urns, or more modern designs. They can also choose urns that allow them to display a special photograph of their pets. We also carry cat urns with beautifully made figurine adornments. In addition, pet owners who would like to create an outdoor pet memorial for their cats can select our cat urns that mimic the look of garden stones.

Call (817) 478-6696 today to learn more about the cat urns that Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory carries. We can help you choose the pet urn that best captures the personality and memory of your furry friend. You can also go to our website for additional information on our complete pet cremation services.

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How to Prepare Emotionally for the Loss of a Pet

Pet owners cherish the time they have with their pets, knowing that one day that time must end. Though circumstances can sometimes cause the sudden loss of a pet, many pet deaths in Fort Worth, Texas, and elsewhere occur as the result of illnesses that may persist for weeks or months. This period can be a gift to many pet owners, yet the knowledge of a pet’s imminent passing can also trigger a flood of emotions.

Discuss Your Thoughts

Pet deaths can prove overwhelming when owners believe that they cannot share their feelings. Giving yourself permission to express your emotions can be a great source of comfort as you contend with the loss of your pet. Your friends and family members can provide an immense amount of support. Allow them to be part of your mourning process. Talking to your veterinarian and making sure that your pet is in as little pain as possible can also ease feelings of sadness and grief.

Create Lasting Memories
The time that you still have with your pet can be the catalyst for many more treasured memories. Even if your cat or dog is restricted in his ability to move or respond, you can make the most of your remaining time by gently petting him or telling him why he has been such a special part of your life. You may also want others who are close to your pet say their goodbyes as well.

Channel Your Grief
You can commemorate the legacy of your cat or dog by creating a pet memorial that is unique to him. A pet cemetery or crematory can help you channel your grief by showing you how to preserve the memory of your furry friend. With a wide selection of pet urns and pet memorials available, you can prepare for the passing of your cat or dog and find a healthy way to make his legacy last.

You don’t have to experience the grief of pet loss on your own. Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can support you through each step of the mourning process. Call us today at (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our pet burial and pet cremation services.

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How to Care for Your Dog with Diabetes

Though diabetes is a controllable disease, it accounts for many pet deaths in Fort Worth and other areas throughout the United States. This video explains how to prevent the loss of a pet with diabetes management.

Diet and blood glucose maintenance are integral to your dog’s health. What you feed your dog directly impacts blood glucose levels, so consult a veterinarian about food that is suitable for your pet. Even with a stable diet, you may need to give your dog daily insulin injections.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers pet burial, pet cremation, and pet memorial services for Forth Worth residents. For more information, call (817) 478-6696.

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Recognizing the Signs of Serious Illness in Your Cat

The loss of a pet can cause grief no matter the circumstances surrounding it. When pet owners believe their animals to be healthy, though, pet deaths can be especially traumatic. Cats, in particular, can often hide symptoms of serious illness, so it is up to owners to monitor their behavior and look for unusual changes. If you are a cat owner, the following information can prove essential in preventing the premature loss of your furry friend.

Many cats take special care to keep themselves clean. If you notice that your cat no longer attends to his grooming needs, it may be because of an undiagnosed medical condition. Paying too much attention to his appearance may also indicate a health problem. If your cat’s grooming activities lead to skin inflammation or fur loss, he may be in distress or discomfort.

Pet deaths are sometimes preceded by a change in diet. If you find that your cat no longer finishes his bowl of food or incessantly cries for more food, he may be suffering from a serious condition. Though it may be difficult to ascertain just how much your cat drinks throughout the day, his thirst levels may also point to an undiagnosed illness. Regularly monitor the amount of water in his bowl and talk to a veterinarian about any noticeable changes in his drinking habits.

Every cat has a personality all of his own. When you are familiar with how your cat typically acts, you can more easily tell if he is displaying unusual behavior that could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. His interactions with others can also highlight potential health problems. For instance, when a cat that usually embraces attention suddenly runs from people, you may want to reach out to a pet health expert.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you create the perfect pet memorial for your beloved cat or dog. Call (817) 478-6696 to speak with an associate about our pet burial, pet cremation, and pet cemetery options. We can ensure that your pet is lovingly cared for and remembered.

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Getting to Know Your Kibble: Pet Food 101

Thinking about providing a raw food diet for your pooch? This option is closer to the natural diet of wild animals than other types of pet food. See pros & cons on our new infographic.
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When Should You Consider Welcoming a New Pet into Your Family?

The death of a beloved pet can cause significant heartache, and in some cases, families may be understandably tempted to adopt another animal as soon as possible. However, healthy grieving typically entails a mourning period during which each family member can work through his or her feelings. If you have recently suffered the loss of a pet, consider the following suggestions regarding when it might be time to add a new furry friend to your household.


Consult Each Family Member
The mourning process is different for each person who experiences it. Some individuals may come to a place of peace and acceptance in just a few months, while others continue to grieve for a year or more. Before moving forward with bringing a new pet into your home, consider the emotional state of your spouse and children. Have a candid conversation asking each family member to assess how he or she has healed from the loss. Only when each person can confidently say that he or she is ready will it be time to consider bringing a new pet into your family.

Consider the Needs of a New Pet
If the pet you recently lost lived to an older age, it may be difficult to remember the demands of having a young puppy or kitten. When talking about adding a new pet to your household, discuss the type of pet that is right for your family. For instance, a puppy requires a significant amount of attention, as it has much energy and much to learn. A large dog may also necessitate longer and more frequent walks in comparison to smaller breeds. However, getting the same type of pet may lead to comparisons with the passed pet. Each of these concerns should be considered and addressed to ensure that you get a pet that is well suited to your family.

With Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory by your side, you do not have to go through the grieving process alone. Our caring associates can help you choose the pet burial or pet cremation services that are right for your family. To schedule an appointment, call our Dallas-Fort Worth location at (682) 587-2324.

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What Is the Right Way to Explain Pet Loss to a Child?

The death of a pet can be an emotionally trying time for children. This video offers tips on how to tell your child about a pet’s passing.

A child too young to understand death may need to be told that the pet is broken. Keep in mind that phrases such as “went to sleep” or “went away” could be confusing for a small child, as those same terms may be used to describe the behavior of other family members. Though older children may know what death means, they may still need reassurance that it is okay to express their grief.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers pet burial services for families in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call (817) 478-6696 to speak with one of our compassionate associates about your pet cremation or burial needs.

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Steps to Take If Your Pet Passes Away at Home

Dog lying on the floor

The death of a pet can sometimes be an unexpected event. Though some pets may have terminal illnesses that allow for planned end-of-life care, death can also come with no evident warning signs. If your pet passes away in your home, it is important to how to handle this particularly challenging situation.

Contact Your Veterinarian
In many cases, the first step is making a call to your veterinarian. If your pet passes during the middle of a weekday, chances are your veterinarian can take your pet’s body and hold it at the animal hospital until you make arrangements for pet cremation or pet burial. Should your pet pass away in the middle of the night or during the weekend, check to see if your veterinarian has an extended-hours phone number through which you can reach him or her.

Look After the Body
You may need to keep the body of your pet at your home for several hours until you can bring it to the animal hospital or have it picked up. During this time, it is important that you secure the body in a cool location, such as a refrigerator or freezer. This step can help to preserve the body for burial or cremation. If this is not an option, place the body on a cool floor or in an air-conditioned room.

Consult a Pet Burial Representative
No pet owner wants to consider the day when his or her furry friend will pass away. However, a pet burial representative can make this challenging time a smooth and peaceful process. If you make pre-need arrangements for your pet’s cremation or burial, a pet burial expert can immediately step in to facilitate your wishes. Even if you have yet to plan for your pet’s passing, upon his or her death, you can reach out to a pet burial associate for assistance with attending to the final resting place.

With the help of Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, your pet can receive the final care and honor that he or she so much deserves. To learn more about our pet burial and pet cremation options for Dallas-Fort Worth residents, call (817) 478-6696. You can also visit our website to learn about our pre-need services.

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Is Your Cat Grieving?

sleepy british kitten over black background

Sadness, anger, and loneliness are all natural responses to the death of a beloved pet. What some pet owners may not realize, though, is that their surviving pets might also go through the grieving process after the loss of another pet.

If you have recently lost a four-legged family member, you may find that your cat exhibits new behaviors or emotions. No matter the age of your cat or the amount of time he spent with the lost animal, he will be able to discern that a change has taken place. His reaction may stem from your grief or his own feelings of loss. Cats can show their grief in a number of ways. Some might search for the deceased pet, while others might withdraw or become overly aggressive. To help your pet get through the grieving process, spend quality time with him, but be sure to give him space if he seems to want to be left alone.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory understands the strong bond that pets and their owners can have with other animals. Our Forth Worth pet cemetery offers emotional support for grieving owners. Call us today at (817) 478-6696 to speak with one of our compassionate associates about your needs.

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