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Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is a full service perpetual care cemetery. We provide pick-up, in-house cremation or burial preparations, memorials and more.

A Look at Pet Memorial Rituals

Pet Loss DFW

Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family. In the same way that having a funeral or memorial services after the loss of a loved one helps start the healing process, so too can a pet memorial help you face the loss of a pet. These are several ways people host memorials after pet deaths. Some of these rituals may help your family say goodbye.

Use Photos
Photos will remind you of special memories you have of your pet. Put together a photo album of your favorite pictures of your pet. Consider creating the album together with your family so you can all share your memories together. You may also decide to pick a favorite photo of your pet and have it framed or have an artist create a painting using the photo. Display your framed photo or artwork alongside a candle that you keep lit near the image.

Plant a Tree
You may find it cathartic to have a reminder of your pet in your yard that grows over the years in his or her honor. Planting a tree can be a great way for your family to honor your pet and to create a space where you can go to remember him or her over the years. If your pet spent time outdoors in your yard, choose a spot to plant a tree there. If you don’t have a space in your yard, sponsor a tree in a community park or other area in honor of your pet.

Choose a Final Resting Spot
Choosing a location for your pet’s remains allows you to say goodbye and to have a tangible spot where you can go to honor your pet’s memory. Select a site at a pet cemetery, and choose a personalized headstone, or opt for pet cremation with an urn. You may also choose to scatter the ashes in a special location.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers burial and cremation services for pets with a range of personalization options. For help planning a memorial after a pet death in Dallas, Texas call (682) 587-2324.

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Don't Ignore These Symptoms in Dogs

Our pets can't verbalize the way they are feeling, so it is important for owners to be able to recognize dangerous symptoms! BarkBox has provided an extremely helpful guide of symptoms to look out for in your dog, and when to call the vet!

Check it out here!

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People Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

All pet owners know that dogs can get into just about any food left around the house. Sadly, some pet deaths result from a beloved animal accidentally eating one of the few foods that are good for people but poisonous for dogs.

When a sudden illness hit one woman’s dog, she was devastated. The culprit was something she never expected: fresh grapes. While veterinarians are unsure what causes the reaction, this seemingly harmless fruit is can actually lead to pet deaths. As most pet owners know, chocolate can also cause extreme vomiting, dehydration, seizures, and even death in dogs. Milk and cheese can also be extremely dangerous, as dogs lack the necessary enzymes to properly break down dairy products.

After the loss of a pet in Dallas or Fort Worth, let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory handle all your memorial and funeral needs. We offer a wide range of burial boxes and urns so you can plan a pet memorial. Call us at (682) 587-2324.

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Supporting Your Kids After the Loss of a Pet

Pet Loss DFW

Pet deaths are difficult for the whole family. But for children, who often have little experience with loss, losing a pet can be especially traumatizing. While you cannot shelter kids from the loss of a pet, you can give them the skills they need to cope. Read on for tips about how to support your kids after losing a beloved pet.

Break the News Gently
If possible, make sure the whole family is together when you break the news that your pet has passed away. Try to make sure they feel comfortable, safe, and not distracted. If you had to euthanize your pet, explain that the veterinarians did everything they could and your pet passed peacefully. Emphasize that your pet will not feel hurt or scared. If your pet died suddenly, calmly and briefly explain what happened.

Stick to the Truth
One of the best ways to support your kids when a pet dies is to simply be honest. It is never a good idea to say that a dog ran away. Helping your kids learn to properly mourn now will prepare them for the inevitability of losing other loved ones later in life. If the truth comes out, your child would feel understandably hurt and betrayed. Admitting you also feel sad will teach them that it is okay to talk about feelings.

Offer Your Support
When your child is ready, try to talk to her about her own feelings. Share stories about the pets you had growing up and how it was difficult for you to say goodbye. You should also discuss your family’s memories of your deceased pet to show your kids how to celebrate life as a way of mourning. You may also want to have a funeral and memorial ceremony. Many pet cemeteries offer beautiful services and cremation urns, so your pet can be with you forever.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory understands that pet deaths are an emotional experience. Our full service pet cemetery offers funerals and pet memorials to help your whole family remember and honor a beloved dog or cat. Contact our Dallas, Texas area office at (682) 587-2324.

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Choosing Burial Services for You Pet

Pet Burial DFW

If you have not planned ahead for the death of your pet, you are not alone. A reputable pet cemetery can help you determine the best way to commemorate your pet with burial or cremation. If you prefer a burial, you will first select an outdoor plot for your pet. Most pet cemeteries offer lifetime perpetual care, so your pet will rest in peace forever in a beautifully cared-for spot. Next, you will choose from a quality line of caskets and burial boxes. Finally, you will hand select a headstone complete with an engraving. You can also plan a funeral or memorial service at the gravesite or indoors.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory of Dallas can help you plan a fitting burial and pet memorial service for your dog or cat. Visit our Dallas location or call (682) 587-2324 to learn more about our full-service pet cemetery. All burials and cremations are performed on-site, and we offer a variety of services pertaining to the loss of a pet.

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Debunking Myths About Mourning a Pet

Pet Cremation DFWIf you’re like most pet owners, you rarely stop to think about losing your beloved pet forever. Planning for pet cremation or burial may be a difficult task, but thinking ahead can help you ensure your pet is properly honored. Read on to debunk some commonly held myths about what the mourning process involves.

Myth 1: We Only Feel Intense Grief When People Die
While dogs and cats may be just outside pets for some people, most pet owners treat their pets like family. Pets are best friends who are always there. They greet us in the mornings, comfort us when we are sad, and act as constant companions. It is perfectly natural to feel extreme grief over the loss or anticipated loss of a pet. Pet owners are capable of intense emotional bonding. That is a feeling to be proud of and it should never be minimized.

Myth 2: Replacing a Lost Pet Will Speed Recovery
The loss of a beloved animal companion can be as emotionally significant—and sometimes even more impactful— than the loss of a human friend or relative. Just like people cannot be replaced, nor can animal companions. Each dog or cat has a unique personality. It is never a good idea to rush out to buy or adopt a new pet in an effort to avoid mourning.

Myth 3: It Is Best to Mourn Alone
It is rare for anyone to achieve complete closure after a loss, whether person or pet. But mourners can greatly benefit by reaching out to friends, family members, and others who have recently lost pets. While planning a pet funeral or burial is an emotional experience, many pet owners also find it to be healing and cathartic. Consider planning a memorial service for your pet and invite only supportive loved ones. Remember, not everyone has owned and loved a pet, and not everyone will take your feelings as seriously as you deserve.

For a full-service pet memorial and perpetual care cemetery, look no further than Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. We provide pick-up, pet cremation, burial services, and customized memorials. If you live in Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth and have recently lost a pet, let our compassionate staff guide you through your options for remembrance. Call us at (682) 587-2324.

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Reasons to Bury Your Pet at a Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery DFW

When your beloved pet passes, you might be at a loss for what to do next. In the midst of grief, it’s even harder to collect yourself and move forward. A pet cemetery near Dallas-Ft. Worth staffed with understanding, experienced professionals can help you make sure your pet is remembered as you saw him or her. We at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery offer various services to help remember your pet, including caskets, urns, memorabilia, cremation, pickup, and burial services, and we make sure that your pet gets the remembrance he or she deserves. And, instead of having to take care of arrangements yourself, we lend a helping hand so you can take time to grieve and remember your pet as a source of happiness in your life. Our services allow you to rest assured knowing that your pet’s remains are safely buried or in a personalized urn.

When your pet passes, the dedicated, understanding staff at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery is ready to help. Visit our website to learn more about us or call us at (817)779-7645.

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Ways of Remembering Your Pet

Pet Loss DFW

As a pet owner, you know how much it means to have an unconditionally loving, affectionate pet by your side, and it is hard to move on when your pet is no longer with you. When you’re grieving, it’s often said that remembering and talking about the loved one you lost—rather than trying to hold your thoughts and feelings in— helps with the grieving process. For example, walking where you used to walk your pet will evoke fond memories of your pet’s antics—maybe he liked to stop and smell the roses (literally) or she loved chasing squirrels. Or you can spend time in a room where your pet liked to be and remember how or she used to sleep curled up in the corner. You’ll miss your pet and feel sad, but you’ll feel happy that you had such a special companion that improved your life!

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery, we’re sensitive, experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you remember your pets the way you saw them. Call us at (817)779-7645 or visit our website to learn more about us.

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Tips for Creating a Unique Pet Memorial

pet memorial dfwIf you’re planning on holding a pet memorial service after your pet’s burial at a pet cemetery, you’ll want to plan a service as unique as your pet was. You can also hold a pet memorial service after a pet cremation. Here is a helpful guide to planning a unique pet memorial service for your pet.

Create a Living Memorial

A living memorial is a pet memorial that lives and grows after the death of you pet. This can include plants, flowers, trees, or gardens. If you want to create a living memorial in honor of your pet, find the perfect location, and decide what you want to plant. You can plant a tree in honor of your pet, and memorialize him with a small plaque. You could plant a flower or vegetable garden in your neighborhood, or in another area that you and your pet used to spend time.

Choose a Customized Pet Cremation Urn or Pet Casket

A customized pet urn or pet casket is a very unique way to memorialize your pet. If you’ve chosen pet cremation, you can pick out a cremation urn that features a photo of your pet, or some other art that represents things that were special and important to you and your pet. If you have chosen pet burial, you can have a customized pet casket created.

Commission a Piece of Art

Artwork has been used since the beginning of time to memorialize those who have passed away. Have a portrait of your pet painted, or a small sculpture of him created. This will give you a beautiful pet memorial that you can keep in your home for all time.

If you’ve recently lost a pet, our compassionate staff at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory can help you every step of the way. We can also help with your pre-planning needs for a pet funeral, pet cremation, pet funeral, or pet memorial in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington. For more information, please visit our website, or call us today at (682) 587-2324.

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Dealing With Grief After a Pet Passes Away

If you’re dealing with the loss of a pet, you’ll want support, guidance, and encouragement while you grieve. Watch this video to learn more about coping with the loss of a pet. Dr. Eric Bregman and psychologist Tom Ferraro, PhD, discuss the stages of grief, and how you can mourn your pet’s death and honor his life by holding a pet funeral or pet memorial service.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory, we know how hard the loss of a pet in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington can be. That’s why our compassionate staff offers a pick-up service at your home for your deceased pet. We then take it back to our funeral home, where you can plan a pet burial, memorial, or funeral. For more information, call us today at (682) 587-2324.

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