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Tips for Talking to Your Kids After the Loss of a Pet

After the loss of a pet, one of the most difficult things many parents will have to face is talking to their kids about the death. This conversation can be intensified if parents had to make the decision to euthanize the pet. When you’re coping with a pet death yourself and are trying to make decisions about burial and cremation, having these conversations with your children can seem overwhelming, but they are a necessary part of healing for everyone. This advice will help.

Be Honest

Attempting to cushion the devastating nature of the news by using euphemisms will only have the opposite effect on your child. If you say things like your pet went to sleep rather than saying that your pet died, your children may misunderstand and think that your pet will be returning soon. Using words like sleep instead of death can also cause fear and confusion. Your kids may worry that they will die when they go to sleep or that you will die when you are sleeping. Use the appropriate words and be straightforward to prevent these issues.

Don’t Hide from Euthanasia

If it was necessary to euthanize your dog, be up-front with your children about the process. For very young children, you may wish to avoid the details, but older children can understand how the process is performed and why it was the right decision for your pet. It can helpful to allow your veterinarian to answer some questions for older children. Consider allowing older children to be present during the process, if they wish.

Show Your Grief

Let your children see that you are grieving, and welcome them to show their own feelings. Be available for ongoing conversations about your pet’s death. Younger children in particular may have more questions as they process the loss. Talk about how much your pet meant to everyone in your family, so your children know that they are not the only ones grieving.

Planning a pet funeral or memorial with Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can also be part of your family’s healing process. Let us help your family after the loss of a pet in Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth by calling us at (682) 587-2324.

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