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How to Support a Friend Who Has Lost a Pet

The loss of a pet is a devastating event that most people have had to cope with at some point in their lives. Nothing you say to a bereaved friend can change the situation, but your friend may be comforted to know how much you care. Continue to check in with your friend for a while—she may need some time to move forward from the pet’s death.

Offer a sympathetic ear.

Visit your friend’s home to offer your condolences and provide a shoulder to lean on. Don’t feel as though you need to fill silence with conversation. It may be enough for your friend to simply know that you’re there because you care.

Assist your friend with practical matters.

The sight of a dog’s chew toy or a cat’s scratching post may send your friend into tears. Don’t pressure your friend to pack these things away, but do let her know that you’re there to help. If your friend can’t bear to relocate these items, she could go for a walk while you pack these things into a box. You could also offer to escort your friend to the pet cemetery. She may appreciate your support, especially if your friend doesn’t have close family members to accompany her.

Help your friend create new routines.

In many ways, pets shape daily life. Your friend was accustomed to feeding, watering, grooming, and playing with her pet. Perhaps your friend had certain rituals, like cuddling with the pet before bedtime or walking the pet after work. When a pet dies, it’s hard to get accustomed to the void. You can help your friend by developing new routines, such as getting together for a lunchtime walk in the park.

Even if your friend is inconsolable after the pet’s death, she may attain some closure by giving the pet a proper burial or cremation. Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is a compassionate, welcoming place where bereaved pet parents can gather to reflect on their cherished memories of their animals. Call (682) 587-2324 to inquire about pet funerals available in Fort Worth, Texas.

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