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Coping with Pet Loss: Tips for Helping Your Child

Pet deaths are hard on everyone in the family, but they can be particularly devastating for children. Often, the loss of a pet is the first death of a loved one that a child experiences, and it can be confusing and overwhelming. When you lose a family pet, these tips will help you support your child as he or she comes to terms with the loss.

Tell the Truth

It’s tempting for parents to try to spare kids from facing harsh realities like pet deaths, but resist the urge to be anything other than honest with your child. Use age-appropriate language and explain when necessary. For instance, while an adult understands that saying you have put a pet to sleep means that the pet has been euthanized, to a young child, that terminology can be confusing. Talking about putting your pet to sleep without explaining what that means may make your child think that your pet is coming back or can even make your child afraid to go to sleep or for you to sleep. Tell your child in clear, honest terms what has happened to your pet.

Share Your Feelings

Don’t attempt to hide your own feelings of sadness about the loss of your pet from your child. Seeing you seem like you’re not upset will be confusing for your child. Be open about your feelings and encourage your child to do the same, so he or she doesn’t attempt to bottle them up. Don’t be surprised if your child is initially angry, especially if your pet had to be euthanized. Allow him or her to share this and any other feeling he or she has as part of the healing process.

Don’t Try to Replace

Like people, pets aren’t interchangeable and can’t simply be replaced. You can’t stop your child’s grief by getting a new pet right away. Allow your family time to grieve your lost pet before you rush into getting a new one.

When the loss of a pet does occur, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help you honor him or her with pet burial or pet cremation in Fort Worth. In your family’s time of need, call us at (682) 587-2324.

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