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What to Consider When Planning a Burial for Your Pet

After the loss of a pet, performing the ritual of a pet burial is one way to help cope with your grief and say goodbye to your animal companion. If you’re preparing for a pet burial, then consider the following factors during the planning process:

Cemetery Location

If you plan to bury your pet at a pet cemetery, then it’s important to choose the right location. For example, if you hope to visit your pet’s grave, then selecting a cemetery that’s close to your home can be beneficial. Additionally, look into the cemetery’s hours and then visit the location to consider the atmosphere of the grounds before making a decision. You should also ensure that the park is on dedicated land which is zoned as a pet cemetery and that the facility operates within local laws. After choosing a cemetery, you can then decide upon a plot in the park where your pet will be laid to rest.

Service Cost

Like with any funeral, it’s important to consider the costs of the services that you would like as you prepare for the burial. Set a budget, factor in the cost of the pet burial, and then select any additional services based on what funds remain. Taking these steps can help you avoid unforeseen costs and plan the burial that you want for your pet.

Casket and Marker

Once the cemetery plot is selected and you know how much money remains in your budget, you can then consider what type of casket and grave marker you would like for your pet. The casket that you should select relies on your personal preferences and how you would like to remember your pet. Finally, choosing a custom grave marker will allow you to memorialize your pet and distinguish her gravesite.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers a selection of pet caskets as well as pet burial services at our serene pet cemetery near Dallas, Texas. Please call us today at (682) 587-2324 for more information.

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