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Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is a full service perpetual care cemetery. We provide pick-up, in-house cremation or burial preparations, memorials and more.

Dispelling Myths About Grieving Your Pet

It’s difficult to accurately define grief, as everyone experiences it a little differently. Because grief is so personal, there is no right or wrong way to experience it or cope with it. This is just as true regarding grief after a pet’s death as it is for grief after a human’s death. No one but you will ever know exactly how you feel, so don’t let anyone tell you how you should grieve.

Myth: It’s easier to get over the loss of a pet than a human.

In some ways, it can be harder to move forward after a pet’s loss. Your pet was your faithful companion every day. He or she gave you unconditional love and affection, and the bond between you and your pet was indescribably strong. Now that your companion is gone, you may feel as though part of your soul has died, too. Grieving intensely for the loss of a pet is natural, as it’s reflective of your love for him or her.

Myth: It’s silly to take time off from work to grieve.

Not everyone will understand the depth of your sorrow, but this doesn’t mean you should force yourself to return to work immediately. At the very least, you should give yourself time to visit the pet cemetery and say goodbye. When you’re ready to get back to work, you may find that the distraction helps you get through the day.

Myth: Adopting again would be impossible.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to adopt again, but don’t assume that you should never do so. Some people need time to heal before letting another animal into their hearts and homes. Others find that getting to know and love a new bundle of fur is a welcome distraction from their grief. The decision is yours to make, and any decision that you make will be the right one.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we genuinely understand how difficult it is to lose a furry family member. We welcome families to visit our pet cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas, which is open seven days per week. Call (682) 587-2324 and let us know how we can support your family after your pet’s death.

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