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Facing the Difficult Decision to Euthanize Your Pet

If your pet is ill, you may face a difficult decision. Do you allow your pet to continue facing pain, or do you make the choice to euthanize your pet to end his or her suffering? Euthanizing your pet is extremely difficult, but in some cases, it may be the most loving gift you can give to your beloved friend. Once you make the decision, you will need to consider other factors, like how to say goodbye and what pet burial option is right for your family. 

Cat at vet clinic

Signs That It May Be Time
Your vet will help you make the important decision to euthanize your pet, but the symptoms you notice at home will play a major role. If your pet is living with chronic pain that cannot be treated with medication or if he or she has chronic diarrhea or vomiting issues, then euthanizing your pet may be the most humane option. The same holds true if your pet struggles to stand or walk or has lost interest in favorite activates. You should also let your vet know if your pet has chronic breathing issues. Your vet will consider your reports about your pet’s symptoms as well as lab work and overall diagnosis when advising you about euthanasia.

How to Say Goodbye
Making a plan for saying goodbye to your pet can ease the pain associated with the decision to euthanize him or her. It can be helpful for each family member to have private time with the pet to spend some special moments together. Before the procedure, have a plan for burying your pet. You can choose a pet burial or cremation with or without a memorial. It can help you during your grief to have a place to visit your lost pet, so consider having your pet’s remains placed in a pet cemetery.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help you make decisions about your pet’s final resting place. Let our compassionate staff explain your options for pet burial and pet cremation. You can reach our Dallas-Fort Worth location at (817) 478-6696. 

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How to Tell Your Kids About the Death of a Pet

mother talking with her son

The loss of a pet is devastating to the entire family, but it can hit kids particularly hard. Often, it falls on parents to deliver the news about the passing of a pet. How you address the issue with them plays a big part in how they cope with the grief.

The most important thing you can do is to be upfront and honest when telling your kids that your family pet has died. Don’t try to hide the news from them or use euphemisms. Doing so will only confuse them. Let your kids see that you are grieving, too, and ensure them that it is OK to feel sad and to have questions. If you must euthanize a pet, consider explaining what to expect to kids beforehand, so that they have a chance to say good-bye to their friend.

Involving kids in pet burial planning can also be helpful. Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you entire family pick the right pet burial or cremation option for your pet. You can reach our DFW pet cemetery by calling (817) 478-6696. 

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Understanding the Special Bond Between Your Kids and Your Pets

If you feel like your pets are part of your family, you’re not alone. Research even shows that your pets feel the same way. According to a study at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, dogs bond with human owners in much the same way babies do. While your relationship with your pet may be close, the bond between your kids and your pets is likely to be even stronger. Acknowledging this unique relationship is especially important at the end of a pet’s life and while arranging a pet burial service. Here are some of the reasons why you pets are such a significant part of your kids’ lives. 

Young Boy with cat

Your pets are natural companions for your children. In many ways, they occupy similar positions in the family, with parents as the lead caregivers for both. Pets are always ready to play, so kids spend a great deal of time interacting with pets. In fact, pets are an important part of kids’ social development. By developing a relationship with a pet, kids learn skills that help them build relationships with their peers.

Although the adults in the family always have the final say on the care of pets, it’s common for kids to play a role in the caregiving. Many kids take charge of tasks like walking or feeding pets. These jobs give kids a sense of responsibility that helps them gain confidence in being independent. Your kids are likely to take their caregiving duties very seriously, and your pets are likely to see your kids as trusted allies.

The relationship between your kids and pets is special, which is why it is so crucial to take the time to honor a lost pet properly. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we can help you and your child choose a pet burial option that serves as a fitting tribute. Our full-service pet cemetery offers a variety of pet burial and pet cremation options for clients in the DFW area. Find out more about what we do by calling (817) 478-6696.   

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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

The grief of losing a pet can be profound for your entire family. It’s important to allow yourself to feel that grief and to discuss the loss with your children so you can all recover in a healthy way.

Watch this video for tips on grieving the loss of your family pet. When a pet passes on, it can be particularly confusing for children. Be sure to allow them to express their feelings, and open up to them about your own. Don’t be afraid to seek grief counseling should your family struggle to come to terms with the loss of your pet.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we can help give your lost pet a fitting good-bye. Please call us at (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our pet cemetery and pet cremation services in the DFW area. 

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Taking Care of Your Family When a Pet Dies

When a pet dies, it is natural to feel a tremendous sense of loss. After all, pets are really family members, and when they die, it leaves a hole in the home. Each member of your family may experience the loss in a different way, and that is OK. The first step in caring for your family when a pet dies is to acknowledge that you’re all grieving and that your feelings are normal. Planning a pet burial ceremony to honor your lost friend may be comforting to everyone. These tips are also helpful as your family comes to terms with the loss of your pet. 

The man and girl on love assignation

Give Everyone Permission to Grieve
Sometimes, when a pet dies, people try to minimize the feelings of grief because they believe they shouldn’t feel such sadness over the loss of an animal. Start by giving everyone in your family permission to grieve your pet. Pets provide families with companionship and unconditional love. Don’t downplay the importance of the loss of your pet. Doing so will only delay your grief, not stop it.

Talk It Out
As with any loss, it’s never a good idea for the members of your family to grieve in isolation. Instead, create an open dialogue about your feelings about your lost pet. It is especially important to allow kids to express their sadness and to encourage them to ask questions. For young children in particular, the loss of a pet can be confusing. By letting your children see that you are sad as well, you will open the door for them to share their feelings.

Honor Your Pet
Planning a pet cremation or burial can be cathartic for your family. Decide on how you would like to memorialize your pet and come together as a family to celebrate your pet’s life and place in your hearts.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help your family with all of your pet burial and cremation needs. Learn more about our pet cemetery and pet cremation services by calling our Fort Worth, TX location at (817) 478-6696. 

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Deciding Whether to Stay with Your Pet During Euthanasia

Vet With Dog And Owner

When a pet is suffering in pain or illness, it is the humane choice to select euthanasia and provide your pet with the comfort he or she deserves. Still, you may have a difficult time with this decision as you say goodbye to your loved one.

Some people find comfort in staying with their pets during euthanasia, while others find it too difficult to watch. The decision to stay with your pet is yours alone, and it should be considered carefully. You should know that it can be stressful for pets to see their owners in grief, so you might sit outside the room if you feel that you will be emotional. Alternatively, you might want to set up the euthanasia in a more familiar setting such as your home, which may allow you to keep calm and provide comfort to your pet during his or her final moments. You should not compromise on your preferences, as there are clinics that can accommodate a wide range of situations for pet owners.

When you do have to let go of your pet, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can provide you with the services you need to respectfully send your pet off. You can reach us on our website or call us at (817) 478-6696. 

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Understanding Pre-Need Planning for Your Pet

Losing a pet is a difficult event, because your four-legged friend is a part of your family. Therefore, you might treat the funeral and burial options for your pet just as you would for any other loved one. Pre-need planning can reduce your stress and grief in making these arrangements for your special furry companion. 

Plan Quest

Reasons to pre-plan
While it can be tough to think about a pet’s passing while he or she is still alive and well, pre-planning can actually provide you with comfort down the road. When you are calm and have not recently experienced loss, you may be better able to make decisions that you can feel good about. Quick decisions in a time of grief may leave you feeling that you have not properly mourned or paid respect to your lost pet.

Types of arrangements
Whether you choose to bury or cremate your pet, it is best to visit a pet cemetery to discuss your options in a comfortable setting. There are arrangements that can be tailored to any budget from modest to extravagant, so you will want to openly speak about your budget and expectations. Once you determine the burial or cremation details as well as any additional services your family desires, you can put your mind at ease and enjoy more years of companionship with your pet. When your pet has passed, you only need to make a phone call to allow the cemetery staff to take over. If you feel that you are not ready to make arrangements, you might begin by speaking to a member of the cemetery staff over the phone rather than in person.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you come to terms with the loss of your pet and cope as you let go of your special loved one. We provide an extensive range of services in Fort Worth, so call us today at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website to begin pre-planning for your pet. 

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Dealing with the Loss of a Beloved Dog

Pets spend their lives devoted to their owners, and it may be devastating to experience the loss of your dear companion. This video offers some tips to help you cope with this loss and remember your lost pet.

Remember that your dog will always live on in your memory and through precious keepsakes such as photos, collars, and leashes. You should also recognize that it is normal to go through a grieving period, so it is helpful to let yourself work through the natural emotions that tend to accompany loss.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can offer the support and burial services you will need when you have lost a pet. You can connect with us on our website or call us at (817) 478-6696 to explore our services. 

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Helping Your Other Pets Deal with a Loss In the Pack

If you have multiple dogs or cats, you may see that they too are affected emotionally and physically by the loss of a furry companion. Dogs are particularly prone to grief, but it is possible to help guide them through loss as you cope with your own feelings of sadness and grief. Read on to learn what you can do to keep your dog healthy after the loss of another family pet. 

Maine Coon Kittens, 12 weeks old, sitting, white background.

Knowing what to expect
When a dog is grieving, he or she may be slow to respond to human interaction and reluctant to eat. These changes should only last a short time, however, you may need to consult a veterinarian if your pet is showing signs of depression long after another pet has passed.

Providing comfort
While your pet is in mourning, you might provide comfort by maintaining a normal routine at home. If you try to nurture your dog by spoiling him with treats or offering more attention during mealtime, you could create bad habits that stick in the future. Dogs are highly responsive to consistency, so you will want to keep the same feeding and walking schedule as before. In some cases it can be helpful for a dog to see the deceased pet before burial or cremation so that he or she is more aware of what has happened.

Recovering together
As you begin to accept the loss of your pet, you might use activities such as walks or play time to bond with your other dog and get some healthy exercise for yourself. Physical activity is beneficial for dogs and humans alike, and it is a great way to relieve the stress of loss and keep yourself in positive spirits. You might consider getting another dog in the future, but you should weigh this decision carefully. It may take a few months or even years before you and your pet are ready to welcome a new addition to the home.

For compassionate professional guidance and burial services for your loyal pets, connect with Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory. You can contact us on our website or call us at (817) 478-6696. 

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A Look at the Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery

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At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery, we're dedicated to providing Fort Worth-area pet owners with a calm, welcoming, and serene place to lay their beloved pets to rest. Our pet cemetery was started and is currently run by pet owners Jim and Nancy Garrison, with the help of their extended family, including cats Scooter, Sidney, and Siren. For 10 years we have offered state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate services, including pickup from homes and clinics, communal cremations, and visitation and funeral arrangement.

Another one of the many advantages of choosing Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is that we provide a large selection of urns, caskets, and markers for you to choose from. We understand that just like people, each pet is unique and therefore deserves a burial that fits his or her character. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you honor your pet after death, then visit us today or call (817) 478-6696.

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