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What You Need to Know About End-of-Life Care for Your Pet


As much as we may wish our pets could live as long as we do, the time eventually comes when we must say goodbye. It’s important to know what your options are when your pet nears the end of its life so that you can decide how best to take care of it. Read on to learn more:

Know How to Identify Pain

Pain due to disease or aging manifests itself in animals differently than in humans. If your pet suddenly becomes unusually picky at mealtimes, has to pant or gasp for breath, starts keeping a low profile, or does not seem to want to move, it could be a sign that it’s in terrible pain. Any of these is just cause for a visit to your veterinarian, who can run tests and determine how serious the problem is.

Know How to Provide Hospice Care

If you know that your pet is nearing the end of its life, it’s important to know how to take care of it and ensure that its remaining life is as comfortable as possible. You will become your pet’s nurse as well as its caregiver, so you will need to talk to your vet about how to administer medication, feed the right foods, and identify danger signs of progressive illnesses and severe pain

Know When Enough is Enough

If your pet is reaching a point at which keeping it comfortable is beyond your means or it is suffering from debilitating pain, you need to start to look into euthanasia. This is a gut-wrenching decision for most pet owners, but one that cannot be avoided. It may not feel like the right decision to you, but sometimes the best thing that you can do for your aging pet is to end its suffering.

Trust the experts at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory to help you provide your deceased pet with a beautiful final resting place. Our compassionate and professional services have helped countless pet owners in central Texas for many years. Call us at (817) 478-6696 to get started today.

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Find Helpful Pet Loss Advice With These Resources

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Unfortunately, most pet owners have to deal with the loss of a pet at some point during their lives. If this is something you have recently experienced, the following resources can provide you with information that can help you cope with your loss and make post-life arrangements for your pet. For pet burial and cremation services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (817) 478-6696. Our caring and dedicated professionals are here to help you.

Read about signs of grief your pets may display following the loss of another family pet at

This New York Times article provides a look at how animals grieve the loss of their loved ones.

Find out about grief support groups for pet owners in the Dallas area at

For answers to frequently asked questions concerning pet loss, visit this page from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

To learn about grief following the loss of a pet, visit

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Will Your Pets Grieve Over the Loss of Their Companion?

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When a pet dies, every member of the family is affected, including other pets. As important as it is to look after your human family members following the loss of a beloved animal, it is equally as important to ensure that your other pets are taken care of as well. If you have recently lost a pet, the following information may help you care for the other pets in your household:

Learn the Symptoms of Grief

Your pets’ understanding of loss may be different than your own, but your pets are sure to notice the absence of their canine or feline sibling and likely to be affected by it. Following the passing of one pet, you may notice several behavioral changes in your other pets. These include changes in appetite, sleep patterns, energy levels, and pastimes. Your pets may seem especially quiet, and they may either seek more attention from you or want more alone time than usual.

Spend More Time with Your Pet

As you and your pets grieve the loss of another together, you may be able to find solace in one another. Unless your pets seem to want to be alone, try to spend more time with them than you usually do. Try not to spoil them excessively, but a few more treats than normal may help temporarily boost their spirits. They may also find comfort in a toy or article of clothing that smells like your recently lost pet.

Many pet-owning families find solace in holding a funeral service for their deceased pet. To speak with a caring and dedicated provider of pet cremation, burial, and cemetery services in Dallas-Fort Worth, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory at (682) 597-2324. You can also visit us online to learn more about our compassionate services during your time of need.

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Your Pet Loss Questions, Answered

A pet is a part of the family. When a domesticated dog or cat passes away, the period that follows is often marked by sadness and emotional pain. If you have recently found out that your pet’s days are limited, the following questions may be able to guide you through this difficult time:


Is Euthanasia the Right Decision?
Colloquially referred to as “putting a pet to sleep,” euthanasia is a humane way to relieve a pet living in chronic and inconsolable pain. The process is quick. As difficult as it may be to consent to this practice, euthanizing a pet can spare him prolonged pain and suffering in the final days of his life.

Is it Common to Feel This Helpless?
Yes. Surviving the loss of a pet is difficult, and the experience is often characterized by the same sort of emotions and feelings that one encounters after a close friend or family member has passed away.

How Can I Best Cope with My Grief?
Grief is a highly personal human experience, affecting each person in different ways. Whatever you may be feeling during this difficult time, do not try to suppress it. You may be able to find some comfort in a support group. You may also want to consider holding a memorial service for your pet following his cremation or burial. As time passes and you work through the stages of grief and loss, you will eventually find it easier to smile again. In the meantime, prioritize your health and wellbeing, and seek the support and care that you need.

Cremating or burying your pet and holding a funeral or memorial service can provide you and your family with considerable comfort as you cope with the loss of your furry companion. To speak with an experienced provider of pet burial and cremation services in Fort Worth, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (817) 478-6696.

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Pet Loss: Options for Grieving Pet Owners

Losing a dog or cat is an emotionally trying experience. During this time, it can be comforting to hold a memorial service during which you, your family, and friends who were close to your pet can say goodbye in a formal setting.

To learn about your various cremations, burial, and memorial options, watch this informative video. From caskets and urns to memorial keepsakes, the options are endless. Explore them with the help of a pet cemetery professional, and choose those which are best for you and your family.

For years, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Worth has provided high-quality burial and cremation services. To find out how we can be there for you during your time of need, call us at (817) 478-6696.

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Friends Forever: Keeping Your Pet's Memory Alive

Losing a pet is a difficult experience, no matter what your age is. Pets are steadfast, loyal companions, providing you with a lifetime of unwavering friendship and love. When your pet passes away, consider how memorializing him at a Fort Worth pet cemetery can be a good way to honor his life. By burying your pet or choosing pet cremation, you’ll be part of a tradition that dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. While you may not have your pet mummified like the pharaohs did, you can still preserve his memory by holding a memorial service at a pet cemetery or by writing him a heartfelt letter. Check out this infographic to learn more about the history of pet burials and to find helpful tips on coping with the loss of a pet. Please share with your fellow animal lovers to help everyone find solace in this difficult time.


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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Urn for Your Pet

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet is never easy and requires you to make important decisions while under a significant amount of distress. That’s why it’s so important for you to take advantage of the helpful services offered by your pet cemetery. Here are three factors that you should consider when choosing an urn for your pet:

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Where You Will Keep the Urn
Before choosing a material for your pet’s urn, decide where in your home you will be placing it. An urn placed in a room that receives a lot of foot traffic is susceptible to being bumped or knocked over. It is therefore important that you make sure that the urn is made from a durable material, such as metal or wood.

What Shape or Size You Prefer
Many urns can be customized to reflect your pet’s personality and unique character. The most popular material choice to use for a personalized urn is resin, since it can be easily sculpted to reflect different shapes. You will want to speak to your pet cemetery professionals about the proper dimensions necessary to accommodate your pet’s ashes.

Any Plans to Bury the Urn in the Future
If you have plans to one day bury your pet’s urn, you should choose a material that is biodegradable, such as ceramic. Ceramic urns give you the freedom to easily relocate your pet’s remains should you one day change your mind regarding his final resting place.

During your difficult time, you can trust Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory to give you the strength and support you need to say goodbye to your pet. We’re proud to serve pet owners throughout the Fort Worth area with our burial and cremation services. To find out how we can help you deal with the loss of a pet, call us at (817) 478-6696. 

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Want To Know More About Dealing With Pet Loss? Take A Look At These Links

If you or someone close to you is currently dealing with the loss of a pet, there are steps that you can take to make the grieving process a little easier. To learn more about handling pet loss, take a look at the links below. For assistance in creating a dignified memorial or burial service for your pet, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Worth at (817) 478-6696.

Casual business

Handling the loss of a pet can be especially hard for a child. For tips on helping your child deal with the loss of a furry friend, read this article from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Do you need more advice on helping your child cope with pet loss? Check out this article from

If you think it may be time to put your pet down in order to alleviate his pain or suffering, read this comforting and informative article from

Grieving for a pet is a healthy, necessary process. Learn how to deal with this grief by reading this page from The Today Show.

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A Guide to Helping Your Child Deal with Pet Loss

While the loss of a pet is hard on the whole family, it can be especially difficult for children to try to understand and cope with the death of their favorite animal. By leaving the logistical planning for burial or cremation services to your pet cemetery, you have time to help your child heal the wounds caused by the departure of her pet. Here is a guide to helping your child deal with pet loss:


Assure Children That They’re Not to Blame
As your child pieces together the series of events that occurred preceding your pet’s death, she may feel that she could have done something to prevent it. This feeling of guilt is common and can be alleviated with a few simple words of reassurance that the child did nothing wrong.

Answer Any Questions Kids May Have
If your child is experiencing the loss of a pet for the first time, she is likely to have many questions concerning why the pet died and where he will go after his death. Be patient and compassionate when addressing her questions and concerns, and let her know that you are always available if she has more questions in the future.

Help Them to Say Goodbye with a Formal Service
One of the best ways to help your child say goodbye to her pet is with a service at a pet cemetery. Encourage your child to say a few words about her furry friend and remind her of all of the great times that they shared together. Formal services help bring closure, which is an important part of the grieving process.

Here at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Worth, we offer services centered on helping you and your family honor the legacy of your pet. Whether your pet died suddenly or was sick for an extended period, saying goodbye is always a difficult task. Find out how we can help make the grieving process a little easier by calling (817) 478-6696.

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A Look at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory, we know that coping with the loss of a pet is just as difficult as saying goodbye to a human family member or friend. That’s why we dedicate our time and services to helping you part ways with your pet in a dignified and memorable way.

Whether you decide to bury your pet or have him inurned in our pet mausoleum, you can feel comforted knowing that your pet will always be surrounded by love thanks to our beautiful, natural environment. If you would like to learn more about honoring your beloved pet, watch this video.

To learn more about these services, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Worth at (817) 478-6696. We also offer crematory services for those who would like to keep their pet’s remains at home.

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