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Strategies for Coping with Feelings of Loss When Your Pet Needs to Be Put Down

While your pet is happy and healthy, you should live in the moment and have as much fun as possible. At the same time, it’s important to emotionally prepare yourself for tragedy by recognizing that your pet will eventually pass away. When the time comes to give your pet a humane end, consider the following coping strategies.

Woman with Kitten

Contemplate Your Responsibility
Many homeowners feel a sense of guilt upon euthanizing their pets. However, it is the responsibility of every pet owner to recognize when his pet’s quality of life has deteriorated past hope of recovery, and to make the tough decision at the right time. If your pet is experiencing great pain, you won’t do him any kindness by keeping him alive. When struggling with the decision to euthanize your pet, ask yourself if you’re keeping your pet alive for his sake or for your own.

Plan a Memorial
Throughout human history, people have dealt with the loss of loved ones with memorial and burial ceremonies. To provide yourself and your family with a sense of closure, consider organizing a memorial, during which you and your loved ones can discuss your happiest memories and say your goodbyes. Letting your emotions out during a memorial service can help you begin the recovery process.

Consider Counseling
For many pet owners, losing a beloved pet is as tough as losing a human friend or family member. You shouldn’t feel guilty about grieving for your pet—if you’re experiencing tough emotions, you should consider working through them with a professional counselor. A counselor may not be able to “cure” you of your sadness, but he can at least help you make your peace with your pet’s passing and find a way forward.

For more help coping with the loss of a beloved pet, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. Our pet cemetery has the staff, resources, and facilities necessary to honor your pet with cremation and burial. Call our DFW-area office at (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our pet cemetery. 

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How to Select a Casket for Your Pet

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery - Cremation and Casket

Not everyone can understand the grief that pet owners feel upon losing a beloved pet. Sometimes, the pet owners themselves are even baffled by the depth of their own sadness. Many pet owners find it helpful to say goodbye to their pets by organizing a memorial service and selecting an appropriate casket.

When selecting a casket for your pet, it’s important to think about your pet’s size, your budget, and your own aesthetic preferences. For example, an octagonal casket may be most appropriate for a turtle, while a dog or cat may be better suited to a traditional rectangular casket. You might also select a casket based on what you believe your pet would have wanted, whether it’s a fiberglass casket, a wooden casket, or a casket with velvet lining.

For more help selecting a casket for your pet, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. We’re dedicated to helping Dallas and Fort Worth-area pet owners say goodbye to their loved ones in the most helpful way possible. Call us at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website if you have any questions.  

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The Stages of Grief You May Experience After Losing a Pet

For untold eons, the passing of loved ones has left survivors with numerous questions and unimaginable grief. In her 1969 book On Death and Dying, Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross presented a model that we have come to know as “the five stages of grief.” As you cope with the death of your beloved pet, you’ll likely go through some or all of the following stages of grief, though perhaps not in this order:

The five stages of grief

After your pet is diagnosed a terminal disease, a part of you may insist that the veterinarian made a mistake. After your pet passes, you may deny your own feelings, and insist that you feel fine. If you accept the reality and emotional difficulty of the situation, you should be able to move on from this stage.

Denial is a kind of armor that people put up in order to more easily cope with tragedy. Once you strip away denial, you might feel anger well to surface. This anger may be directed at your vet, your family members, a higher power, or even yourself. 

After your pet passes away, you’ll find it’s easy to create alternate histories in your head. For example, you might insist that your pet would still be alive if you had sought medical attention sooner, and by so doing, you distance yourself from what actually happened.

The depression stage is when the death of your beloved pet truly sinks in. During this stage, you might refuse to visit loved ones, and instead sit at home and contemplate the meaning of life. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for feeling depressed—it’s a completely natural part of the grieving process.  

The acceptance stage involves the recognition that death is a part of life, and that though your beloved pet has gone, you still have much to live for. Acceptance means learning to live in a new permanent reality, though a part of you will always grieve for your lost pet.

The compassionate professionals of Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you achieve a sense of closure with our pet burial and cremation services. Visit our website for more information or call our Fort Worth office at (817) 478-6696 to speak with a representative

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Advice for Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Many pet owners are surprised at their own emotions after a pet passes away. If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet, it’s important for you to be honest with your feelings and deal with them in a way that makes to most sense to you.

In this video, Marriage and Family Therapist Tammy Fletcher offers advice for coping with the loss of a pet. She suggests reaching out to other pet owners who have lost their pets for support and understanding. She also touches on how you should break the news to your children.

For more help during the grieving period, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (817) 478-6696. We provide burial and cremation services for grieving pet owners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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How to Support Your Pet During His Final Days

As with any other family member, facing the final days of your pet’s life is an enormous challenge. Having time to prepare for your pet’s passing can make the grieving process a little easier, but by no means does it make it easy. As your pet’s best friend and master, the best thing you can do is make his final days as comfortable as possible.

Golden retriever

Be Realistic
When your pet starts showing signs of illness, take him to the vet as soon as possible. Though the diagnosis may be tough, it’s important for you to hear it. You can seek a second opinion if you wish, but at some point you’ll have to accept the fact your pet will pass away eventually. After receiving a tough diagnosis, follow your vet’s care directions as closely as possible. Though it may seem like the best course of action, pretending as if everything is normal could hasten your pet’s passing.

Make Him Comfortable
For years, your pet has provided you with companionship and unconditional love—during his final days, you should make a point of doing the same. Do your best to keep your pet well fed and hydrated—put food in his mouth or use a water dropper if necessary. If your pet can no longer get up, or if he is incontinent, you should place waterproof materials around him or purchase doggie diapers. You might also set up a comfortable bed with all your pet’s favorite pillows and toys. If your pet likes affection, spend as much time as you can petting and grooming him. Spending time with your pet toward the end is as beneficial for your own emotional wellbeing as it is for his.

When the time comes, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you say goodbye to your pet in a healthy and dignified manner. We provide pet owners in Dallas and Fort Worth with respectful burial and cremation services—we can even help you plan a memorial. Call us at (817) 478-6696 to discuss your pet burial wishes.

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About the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

Pet Cemetary

Since 1996, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory has been helping families deal with the loss of a pet, while following the standards and regulations set forth by the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA). The ICCFA was founded in 1887 by 18 cemetery managers who wanted to improve the look and function of their properties. Over the next 100 years, the organization grew to include a number of cemeteries, funeral homes, and crematories throughout the United States and worldwide. Today, the organization represents 7,500 businesses such as Faithful Friends who obtain exclusive membership by pledging to uphold certain obligations.

The principles set forth by the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association ask Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory to consistently honor the wishes of a deceased pet's family, to protect each of our internment sites, and to treat each pet with dignity. Our Dallas/Fort Worth pet cremation and pet burial services are always carried out in a respectful, professional manner. To learn more about our pet cemetery's commitment to following ICCFA standards, call (817) 478-6696.

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Qualities to Look for in a Pet Cemetery or Crematory

One of the most important responsibilities that you will need to carry out following the loss of a pet is to select a professional pet cemetery that will fulfill your wishes in a caring and dignified manner. Whether you choose pet burial or pet cremation, the final sendoff that you provide for your pet should reflect everything that you desired during your initial consultation with the cemetery coordinator. Here is a look at the qualities that you should look for in a pet cemetery or crematory.

Friend Consolation

Authority to Remain a Pet Cemetery
When looking for a Dallas/Fort Worth, TX pet cemetery, be sure to speak with cemetery management about ownership of the land that the cemetery sits on. If you would like to rest assured that you can come to pay respect to your pet for years to come, then you need to be certain that the business' deed permits the property to remain a pet cemetery in the distant future.

Commitment to Personalized Services
Be sure to select a pet cemetery that caters to your specific needs as you plan final arrangements for your pet. Faithful Friends works with each client to ensure that their specific wishes are respected when it comes to specific details such as, casket selection, pet burial location, and family viewings.

Sympathetic Environment
Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a human member of the family. When searching for a pet cemetery, be sure to settle on one that understands just how painful your loss is and offers sympathy and guidance through your hard time. You can also look for cemeteries that offer pre-need planning so that once that dreaded day comes, you will be prepared and have the support you require.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory's main goal is to provide you and your loved ones with the support you need following the loss of a close friend. We operate in a professional yet sympathetic manner, which allows us to accommodate your requests while offering you a shoulder to lean on. To learn more about our pet cremation and pet burial services, call (817) 478-6696.

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How Our Facility Gives Your Animal Companion the Respect It Deserves

Have you recently experienced the loss of a pet? If so, then be sure to come and find out how the caring professionals at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory can assist you in making arrangements to honor your animal companion. Since 1996 our family-owned Fort Worth pet cemetery has been assisting families as they prepare their final farewell for a pet who has passed.

Faithful Friends is conveniently open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays and by appointment on Saturdays. Our caring staff can arrange for your pet to be picked up from your home or the veterinarian's office so that you don't have to deal with the difficult task of transporting your friend during such a difficult time.

For those who have worked with Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in the past, it’s not hard to see why we're the preferred choice for burial and cremation services for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. To find out how we can guide you in honoring your pet, call us today at (682) 587-2325. 

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Pet Cremation and Burial: What You Need to Know About Pre-Need Planning

The days and weeks immediately following the loss of a beloved pet are often incredibly difficult for every member of the family, especially those left with the duty of honoring the pet. Thanks to pre-need planning services from your Fort Worth pet cemetery, it is possible to make arrangements for your four-legged friend while he or she is still alive and none of the chaos and sadness is fresh. Here is what you should know about pre-need planning for pet cremation and burial.

what you need to know

Your Cremation and Burial Options
Although your pet may be well at the moment, you owe it to him or her to show gratitude when the time comes for all of the love that he or she brought into your life. Your Fort Worth pet cemetery professionals can share with you the various options available for both burial and cremation, which include ground burial with a casket and headstone, community cremation, or individual cremation.

The Planning Process
The pre-need planning process will vary depending on your election of pet cremation or pet burial services. If you choose to have your pet buried, your pet cemetery coordinator will show you available plots so that you can pick a final resting place for your pet. If you prefer to have your pet cremated, the next step will be to choose an urn that your pet's ashes can be contained in.

Ways to Include Family and Friends
As your DFW pet cemetery professionals will share with you, any friends or family members are welcome for the pre-need planning consultations. It is important that all of those who love the pet and who are mature enough to understand the loss of an animal participate so that they will feel a sense of closure once the pet has passed.

If pre-need planning is a service that you and your family are interested in, then come visit Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory. Our caring staff will help you learn more about the process and see to it that all of your requests are met. Call (817) 478-6696 to set up a meeting with us today.

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How Long Do Pets Live?

Posing with His Pups

If you are like most pet owners, you want to know how long your beloved pet will be by your side. When it comes to a pet’s life expectancy, it depends on your dog’s or cat’s overall health, age, and breed. While indoor cats typically live around 12 years, some cats can live happy and healthy lives for 20 years or even longer. Small dogs actually tend to live longer than larger breeds, and toy dogs can live to be between 12 and 16 years old. In addition, mixed breed dogs generally live longer than purebred animals. To give your pet a long and fulfilling life, be sure to provide a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.

If you have lost your pet, the compassionate staff at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here for you during your time of need. We understand your need to celebrate the life of your pet. Whether you opt for burial or cremation, a memorial service is the first step in the healing process. Call our Dallas-Fort Worth location today at (682) 597-2324 to learn more about our services.

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