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Myths About Pets and Mourning

Following the loss of a pet, not everyone may understand the degree of your mourning. Some people, especially those who have never experienced pet deaths, may expect to simply snap out of it because you lost an animal, not a person. However, your grief is not wrong. Dealing with pet deaths are difficult enough without putting additional pressure on yourself because of these myths that some people believe about pet mourning.

Myth: It’s wrong to feel intense grief when you lose a pet.

Despite what people believe who never experienced a close connection with a pet, it is both normal and healthy to grieve. For many people, pets are like children and are present for many life milestones. Pet deaths represent the loss of an important part of your life, and mourning is entirely appropriate. There is no reason to justify the grief you feel over the loss of your pet simply because he or she was not a human. Pet loss and human loss are both painful experiences, and one does not make the other less valid.

Myth: You should get a new pet as soon as possible.

To ease the mourning process, many people attempt to get a new pet as soon as they can after the loss of another animal. However, you cannot replace a pet any more than you can replace a person you lost. Make sure you are ready to open your heart to a new pet before you welcome a one into your home.

Myth: Euthanizing your pet was cruel.

Even while mourning, some people feel responsible for their own pain because they chose to euthanize their pets, and they may even feel guilty. Euthanizing your pet is not a cruel decision but rather a final act of love on your part. Feel comforted that you saved your pet from needless suffering.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we understand the difficulty of losing a pet and are here to provide compassionate support as you make decisions about pet burial and pet cremation urns in Arlington, Texas. When you need our services, please call (682) 587-2324.

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Preventing Your Pets from Eating Toxic Foods

Unfortunately, there are many foods that are perfectly safe for humans that can be toxic to pets, and eating these foods leads to many pet deaths each year. When your pet inadvertently consumes toxic foods, call the animal poison control center or your vet right away.

Watch this video to learn about foods that could be harmful to pets. Most people know that chocolate is dangerous for dogs, but you should also keep your dog away from grapes and raisins. Garlic and onions can also be dangerous for dogs, while avocado and yeast dough can cause digestive problems in dogs and cats.

When pet deaths do occur, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help. We help families deal with the loss of a pet in Dallas, Texas every day and can help you make the right choices about pet burial, pet memorial options, and more. Call us at (682) 587-2324 for more information.

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Creative Ways to Memorialize Your Lost Pet

Pet deaths are always devastating, but memorializing your pet can help to ease some of the pain. Many people are comforted by finding ways to memorialize their pets to honor the special relationship they shared. In addition to pet burial or cremation at a pet cemetery and the use of granite pet markers, there are many creative ways you can memorialize your pet in a way that feels personal to you and your family.

Keepsake Jewelry

One way to keep your pet close to you is to choose keepsake jewelry. This type of jewelry allows you to carry a small portion of cremains or pet hair with you in a necklace, pin, or other jewelry item. Keepsake jewelry is unique and lets you always keep your special pet close to you, wherever you are. You can choose discrete jewelry that no one will know contains a memento of your pet but you, or you can opt for a piece that either has an animal theme in the design or that is engraved with your pet’s name.

Decorative Accents

If you choose to have your pet cremated, you aren’t limited to an urn if you choose to keep the cremains at home. Glass ornaments are just one example of the decorative pieces that can you can display at home that incorporate your pet’s cremains. You can even have a piece custom designed to commemorate your pet in truly unique and personal way.

Memento Chest

Keep a collection of your pet’s favorite items in a memento chest so you can pull them out any time you want to remember. Memento chests can be engraved with your pet’s name and come in different sizes to accommodate things like your pet’s favorite toys, his or her collar, favorite photos, and even an urn with your pet’s cremains.

Let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory help you choose a way to honor your lost pet. In addition to pet cremation and pet burial in Forth Worth, Texas, we offer a variety of markers, keepsakes, pet urns, pet caskets, and other pet mementos. When you need our services, please call (682) 587-2324.

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Should You Choose Cremation for Your Pet?

pet loss dfw

After the loss of a pet, individuals are sometimes unsure about how to proceed with the remains. In many cases, the best choices for people are either a pet cemetery burial or pet cremation. There are several reasons why pet owners frequently choose cremation over burial.

Cremation is often less expensive than burying a pet in a cemetery plot. Additionally, this option allows the pet owner to scatter the ashes where they wish, or to keep the ashes in a pet urn. If you would like to scatter or keep your pet’s ashes, then you will need to select a private cremation. If you do not choose private cremation, then your pet will be cremated along with other pets, so the ashes cannot be returned to you.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is a compassionate, family-owned provider of pet burials, dog and cat urns, and pet cremation services in Fort Worth, TX. For more information about our services, please give us a call at (682) 587-2324.

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What to Do if Your Pet Is Lost

Despite their keen animal senses, it’s possible for pets to get disoriented and wander far from home. No matter the reason for their disappearance, it can feel as devastating as a pet’s death when your furry friend is lost. To help increase your chances of tracking down your pet, use these tips:

Make posters to put around town.

As soon as think that your pet could be lost, start the process of finding her by making posters. Keep your posters simple, use a large font, and make a decent amount of them so that you can post your lost pet signs throughout your neighborhood. Include a brief description of your pet, including her size, coloring, breed, and name. Also, offer a reward while not stating a specific amount and include your phone number.

Talk to your neighbors.

Even if you haven’t seen your pet in days, she could still be somewhere nearby. To increase the chance of you locating your lost dog or cat, speak with each of your neighbors individually. When doing so, pass out notecards or additional posters that include your contact information and a description of your pet.

Call your pet’s name.

Hearing your voice and her name can be enough to help her find her way back to your house. Dawn and dusk provide the best chances of your pet hearing you and of you spotting her, so use these hours to scour your area, either by foot, bike, or car, and slowly circle back over each location that you try.

Check animal shelters and clinics.

It’s not uncommon for lost pets to end up in local shelters and veterinary hospitals. Call clinics that are both local and out of your area. Also, it’s important to visit, rather than call, local pet shelters every day and look through the animals.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we specialize in compassionate pet burials, animal cremation, and pet memorials near Dallas, TX. To find out more about what we offer, please call us today at (682) 587-2324.

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Talking to Your Kids About a Pet's Sudden Death

When your family experiences the loss of a pet, it can be heartbreaking for everyone. However, your children may be shocked and confused by a pet’s death, particularly if they haven’t already gone through the loss of a loved one. To help make the process easier, use the following guide when talking to your kids about the sudden death of a pet.

Informing Your Children of the Loss

Breaking the news of a pet’s death to your kids can be very difficult. To help your children stay more calm and attentive, speak with them individually and in a location that is familiar but with few distractions. Keep in mind that, based on your kids’ age and personality, you may only need to give them small amounts of general information; details may frighten your child and make the grieving process more challenging.

Talking to Your Children About Death

While it’s important to carefully gauge what you should tell you children about how or why their pet died, it’s also better to tell them the truth. Lying to kids about the death of their pet by saying that he went on a vacation or ran away is not likely to make the process easier for them and can lead to bitterness if they were to learn the truth. Instead, speak honestly and answer any questions they may have as best as you are able.

Helping Your Children Say Goodbye

You can help your children cope by letting them know it’s okay to feel sad or angry. After some time has passed, try to help your kids heal and move on from their grief by giving the pet a proper farewell. Consider holding a ceremony to give the lost pet a burial in your backyard or at a pet cemetery, allowing your children a chance to say goodbye and share fond memories.

Family-owned and operated by the Garrisons, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers your family a beautiful location to bury a beloved pet. To learn about our services, including dog cremation, pet urns, and pet memorials in Fort Worth, TX, call us today at (682) 587-2324.

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A Look at Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworm disease is a common cause of pet deaths in animals that do not receive preventative medications. Watch this video to learn how this disease develops and how it causes so many pet deaths.

Infected mosquitos transmit heartworms. Dogs are especially vulnerable because of the amount of time they spend outside. As the worms travel to the heart, they can cause blockages that lead to heart failure, heart attacks, and death. Medications are available to protect pets from mosquito bites that could lead to heartworms.

The loss of a pet is traumatic, but Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to support you through the process of mourning and creating a pet memorial for your lost animal. For help with pet burial in Dallas, please call (682) 587-2324.

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Choosing Cremation for a Beloved Pet

After the loss of a pet, you will need to decide if burial or cremation is the right solution for your family. Cremation is a popular choice with pet families because of its affordability and flexibility. If you choose pet cremation, you still have many pet funeral options available to you, so you can memorialize your pet in the way that best suits your family.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory, you have the option of private or communal pet cremation. With private pet cremation, your pet is attended to individually, and you receive his or her remains in a cremation urn. Communal cremation allows families the option of combining their pet’s cremation with others. These remains are buried in our pet cemetery in a marked grave, so you have some place to visit your animal.

Let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory help you make the right decisions about pet cremation in Dallas, Texas. When you need our services, please call (682) 258-2324.

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Tips for Comforting Your Sick Pet

Pets are part of the family, and just as the thought of losing one of your human loved ones is painful, facing pet deaths and illnesses can be overwhelming. However, if your pet is ill, he or she will look to you for comfort, whether they are dealing with a minor gastrointestinal issue or facing a terminal illness. Follow these steps to ease your pet’s discomfort during this trying time.

Provide a Quiet Place
When pets are ill, they need plenty of rest. Create a quiet spot for your pet to recuperate without interruption from kids and other pets. Don’t force your pet to stay in the spot, but make it available and encourage him or her to stay there by making it as comfortable as possible. Include your pet’s bed, favorite pillows, favorite blankets, and a few toys that he or she enjoys. Remind everyone in your family to give your pet plenty of space and quiet time.

Offer Comforting Foods
Stomach distress is frequently part of pets’ illnesses. Your pet may not be able to tolerate his or her usual diet. Talk to the vet about foods that your pet can eat safely to get nourishment without stomach upset, like white rice and chicken. Follow all of your vet’s dietary recommendations closely and make sure all of your family members are aware. Sometimes, sick pets drink or eat too quickly, causing further stomach upset. If this happens, serve smaller portions of food and water throughout the day instead of one or two larger feedings.

Interact Appropriately
Your pet may not be able to run, jump, or even go for walks. However, he or she will still need interaction with you. Ask your vet what activities are safe for your pet, and stick to those. Simply sitting with your pet can be comforting for him or her.

When it is time to say goodbye to your pet, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to help with pet cremation and pet burial services. We can help you make decisions about your pet memorial during this difficult time. After the loss of a pet in Fort Worth, Texas, call us at (682) 587-2324.

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Steps to Take Immediately After a Pet Passes Away

Grieving Pet DFW

Pet deaths are traumatic for everyone in the family. In addition to the grieving process after the loss of a pet, there are practical decisions to make about planning your pet’s funeral. You will need to choose between pet burial and pet cremation and determine the kind of pet memorial you want. Follow these steps to make the process as easy as possible.

Get Help
Whether your pet dies at home or at the vet’s office, you will need help. If your pet dies at home, you may wish to call your vet first. If your pet dies at the vet office, call the cemetery you have chosen to use. In some cases, your vet can make the call for you, or recommend a place if have not chosen one. It can be helpful to pre-plan your pet’s funeral or at least research your options for pet burial and cremation services in advance, so you don’t have to make a major decision like this while coping with the loss of your pet. Pet cemeteries can generally pick up your pet at home, the vet office, or wherever you need.

Plan the Funeral
There is a wide range of options to consider for your pet’s funeral. The first choice you will make is burial or cremation. Cremation can be done privately or as part of a group cremation. Pet urns, caskets, and memorial stones are available, as is mausoleum entombment. Some pet cemeteries also feature a funeral home with viewing rooms, should you wish to hold viewing and memorial services for your pet.

Get Grief Support
Some people tell pet families that it is was “just” a dog or cat when they see them struggling with the loss of their animal companions, but it is so much more. Having trouble coping with grief after the loss of a pet is normal, and help is available. Ask the staff at the pet cemetery for resources.

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory can help with pre-planning your pet funeral in Arlington, Texas, or with putting together the memorial in the midst of your time of need. Call (682) 872-2324 for more information.

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