• Looking For Pet Loss Guidance? Then Visit These Sites


    Losing a pet is a difficult experience. We invite you to click through these resources for support and suggestions on how to cope with your feelings in a healthy way and encourage others to do the same:

    What feelings might you experience following the loss of your pet? This brochure from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation can help you prepare.

    How can you help your child through feelings of loss after a pet dies? ASPCA.org offers more suggestions, including books that can help you and your child through this time.

    After the loss of a pet, laying him to rest in a cemetery or having him cremated can help provide a sense of closure. Visit ICCFA.com for the answers to some of your questions about making these arrangements.

    Children have a unique understanding of death, depending on their age. APLB.org explains how children of different ages perceive death and how to explain the loss of a pet in the best way.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to help you give your pet a personalized and lasting memorial. Please contact us at (817) 478-6696 to find out more about our burial and cremation options in Fort Worth. You can find more information on our website about our all-inclusive services, including our pre-need services to help you plan during a time of calm rather than crisis.

  • Understanding the Grief of Losing a Pet

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    Your pet is a treasured part of your family. It’s natural to feel sorrow, grief, and loss when it comes time to lay your pet to rest . Understanding the grief you and your family will feel can help you to embrace these feelings while remembering the good times and happy memories you shared with your pet.

    Embrace Your Grief

    It is completely normal to feel grief following the loss of a pet. It is not juvenile, unnatural, or unnecessary. Allow yourself and your family, especially children, to feel and work through this grief. You may feel intense sadness, you may cry, and your children and family members may do the same. There is no need to “be strong” or “get over it”—grief is a natural way to acknowledge your pet’s value in your life.

    Understand What You Will Feel

    Understanding that you may feel many different emotions, some conflicting, can help you to work through each feeling as it comes. You may feel guilty or responsible for the death of your pet, or even anger over the illness or accident that caused their loss. At other times, you may have trouble accepting that your pet is gone or feel intense depression and sadness. Once your companion has passed, you may even feel relief that your pet is no longer suffering.

    Cope With Friends and Family

    Following the loss of a pet, turning to others can help you through your grief. Share happy memories of your pet with friends and family. Allow yourself and others to speak about feelings of loss and grief. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone close to you, you can visit your veterinarian, online support groups, or a religious institution for support.

    You want to remember your pet with the fondness and love they deserve. Contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory at (817) 478-6696 to inquire about our pet burial, cremation, and memorial services in Fort Worth. Please read through our blog for more information to help you cope with pet loss and grief.

  • How to Prepare Yourself for the Loss of a Pet

    Acknowledging that a beloved pet is nearing the end of his or her life is never easy. Preparing yourself ahead of time can help this process go more smoothly when it comes time to put your pet to sleep.


    This video discusses some factors to consider regarding the loss of a pet. Decide whether you want to hold your pet or wait in the waiting room during the procedure. Talk to your vet beforehand and ask any questions you have, either about the procedure or what will happen afterward.


    The Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory is here to help you through this difficult time with the services you desire to create a lasting memory of your pet. Contact us today at (817) 478-6696 to ask about our cremation and burial services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Visit our website for more information about how to cope with the decisions that come with losing a pet.

  • Tips for Helping Your Child Cope with the Loss of a Pet

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    Losing a pet is difficult for all members of your family, including your children. Children and pets often become close friends, and the loss of that pet can be frightening and overwhelming for your child. Learning how to best help your child through the grieving process will create a more positive experience for you both.

    Be Honest

    The most important thing you can do for your child is to be honest during this time of loss. Don’t try to hide your pet’s disappearance or say that the pet simply “went away.” Children will often feel responsible for a pet “leaving” if they do not understand that it cannot come back. Avoid vague terms such as “went to sleep” and explain what happened to your pet in as much detail as you feel your child can handle.

    Be Supportive

    Understand that your child may feel frightened, angry, sad, or depressed. Support these feelings and encourage your child to show them rather than telling him to be strong. Allow your child to cry and offer a shoulder or even a chance to cry together. It is not wrong to show your child that you are grieving as well.

    Allow Closure

    Give yourself and your child a chance for closure. If your child is old enough, allow him to be part of the decision-making process regarding the final resting place of your pet. If your pet will be buried, visit the grave site to leave flowers. Hold a memorial service for your pet to allow your child to revisit happy memories. Consider other activities such as lighting a candle for your pet each day or on the anniversary of his loss .

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory can help you and your child through the loss of your pet with memorial services including burial and cremation available on-site in Fort Worth. Contact us today at (817) 478-6696 to ask about your options so we can help you through this difficult transition. You can learn more about supporting your child through the loss of a pet on our blog.