• Coping with the Loss of a Pet

    Almost no one will ever love you as unconditionally as a pet does, and coping with the loss of a pet is an understandably trying time. Watch this video for tips on how to move on after the loss of a pet.

    To cope, you will need both time and the presence of your loved ones. Your pet was a big part of your life, and no one should make you feel silly during your time of grieving. Be sure to have a memorial to celebrate your pet’s life. Many pet owners opt for burial, cremation, and full memorial services to pay tribute to their beloved pets.

    Losing a pet is a difficult time for any pet owner. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory of Fort Worth, we understand the grieving process firsthand. You can find out more about our pet burial services and pet cremation by calling us today at (682) 597-2324.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

    In the immediate aftermath of a pet’s passing, most pet owners feel confused and overwhelmed. Your pet is just like a best friend, but planning a memorial service and discussing your options for cremation and burial is an important part of finding meaning during this difficult time. For help and guidance, contact your pet funeral home, and review these frequently asked questions about how to handle the loss of a pet.

    Questions And Answers

    What Should I Do After My Pet Passes?
    If your pet passes away at home, place your pet in the coldest area of the residence. You should then place your pet on top of plastic and covering him or her gently with a towel or blanket. If your pet passes away at the veterinarian, your vet will generally retain your pet’s body for at least a day or two while you make final arrangements.

    What Are My Options for Memorializing My Pet?
    Most pet owners choose to work with a pet cemetery to arrange for a burial or cremation . If you choose cremation services, you have the option of burying your pet’s remains or selecting a memorializing urn or piece of jewelry to keep close to your heart at all times. If you select a pet burial, you can choose a gravestone marker so you may visit your pet in the cemetery.

    Can I Prepare Ahead of Time?
    Yes. Many pet funeral homes and cemeteries offer pre-planning options for pet owners who want to plan a pet’s services ahead of time to avoid extra stress during their times of grief. Speak to your funeral home about how to plan your pet’s cremation or burial and memorial ceremony.

    Whether your dog or cat suddenly passed away or had long suffered from a terminal illness, losing a pet to any cause can be devastating. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory , we offer a wide range of options to properly memorialize your pet after burial or cremation, including urns, cremation jewelry, and grave markers. You can find out more about our services by calling our DFW pet cemetery

  • Will Your Pets Grieve Over the Loss of Their Companion?

    Pup and kitten.

    When a pet dies, every member of the family is affected, including other pets. As important as it is to look after your human family members following the loss of a beloved animal, it is equally as important to ensure that your other pets are taken care of as well. If you have recently lost a pet , the following information may help you care for the other pets in your household:

    Learn the Symptoms of Grief

    Your pets’ understanding of loss may be different than your own, but your pets are sure to notice the absence of their canine or feline sibling and likely to be affected by it. Following the passing of one pet, you may notice several behavioral changes in your other pets . These include changes in appetite, sleep patterns, energy levels, and pastimes. Your pets may seem especially quiet, and they may either seek more attention from you or want more alone time than usual.

    Spend More Time with Your Pet

    As you and your pets grieve the loss of another together, you may be able to find solace in one another. Unless your pets seem to want to be alone, try to spend more time with them than you usually do. Try not to spoil them excessively, but a few more treats than normal may help temporarily boost their spirits. They may also find comfort in a toy or article of clothing that smells like your recently lost pet.

    Many pet-owning families find solace in holding a funeral service for their deceased pet. To speak with a caring and dedicated provider of pet cremation, burial, and cemetery services in Dallas-Fort Worth, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory at (682) 597-2324. You can also visit us online to learn more about our compassionate services during your time of need.

  • Steps to Take After the Loss of Your Pet

    Even if you’ve experienced the loss of a pet before, nothing lessens the difficulty of having to say goodbye to a friend that meant so much. While there is sadness to planning a proper burial or cremation service for your pet, doing so will provide you with a way to honor your pet and give you peace of mind. Here are some steps to take after losing your pet :

    Dogprints in Sand

    Reach Out for Support
    There are plenty of resources available to you during the grieving process. From your veterinarian to the caring team at your pet cemetery , professional support can assist you throughout this tough time. These figures may be able to put you into contact with a support group or sympathetic clients that are experiencing the same type of grief.

    Speak with Family Members
    While you may be experiencing significant grief in the months following your pet’s death, it’s essential that you speak to others who may be suffering as well. Children and elderly family members are especially vulnerable to heartache once a pet has passed. Make sure that each family member knows that you are available to speak with them about their feelings at any time.

    Plan a Memorial for Your Pet
    One last step that is necessary for the healing process is to plan a memorial for your pet. Speak with pet cemetery professionals about your pet so that they can get a better idea of what type of service would honor him or her best. You can also purchase memorial items from them, such as a casket or an urn in which your pet can be laid to rest in a dignified manner.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory of Fort Worth can offer a helping hand to you and your loved ones following the loss of a pet. Our family-owned business specializes in assisting pet owners with burial and cremation services and offering a choice when it comes to honoring their pet’s life. Visit us online or call (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our services.