• When Is It Time to Start Planning Your Pet’s Memorial?

    It’s difficult to think about your pet’s passing as you take him to the park and watch him run around, or as you give him affection while you watch TV. Still, there will come a time when you must say goodbye to your pet. Though it may be difficult, you should prepare yourself by making the appropriate arrangements for your pet’s passing. Here are a few possible times when you might begin planning your pet’s memorial :

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    As Soon As Possible
    To get the memorial planning out of the way, you might make arrangements with Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory while your pet is still alive and well. While it may be tough to think about your pet’s passing now, you’ll be glad you took care of all the necessary cremation arrangements after you pet passes away. At the very least, you should familiarize yourself with what memorial options your pet cemetery offers.

    As Your Pet’s Health Declines
    If you’re not ready to think about your pet’s demise, you might wait until your pet’s health starts failing to plan his memorial. While nothing can completely prepare you for your pet’s passing, planning a memorial can at least help you make your peace with the idea. If you plan the memorial during this difficult time, you’ll have a special ceremony prepared for when the time comes. 

    After Your Pet Passes
    Some people don’t even start thinking about their pet’s memorial until after their pet has passed away. You may not realize how much your pet means to you and your family until after he’s gone. If you find it difficult to cope with your grief in the wake of your pet’s death, you might seek closure with a moving memorial.

    When you’re ready to start planning your pet’s memorial, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (817) 478-6696. We offer pet cremation, pet burials, and several other services that can help you and your family cope with the loss of your loved one. Call our Fort Worth office at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website to contact one of our respectful and knowledgeable cemetery staff members.

  • Knowing When It’s Time to Let Go of Your Pet

    As a pet owner, saying goodbye to your beloved friend is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. Still, it’s your responsibility to recognize when it’s time to end your pet’s suffering and make a humane decision.

    In this video, veterinarian Dr. Lawrence McAfee discusses when to let your pet go. Euthanasia is often the best option after your pet suffers a stroke, enters a coma, or becomes paralyzed. You might also have that difficult conversation with your veterinarian if your pet can no longer walk, if he doesn’t appear cognizant, or if he stands with his head in the corner of the room.

    If the time has come to say goodbye to your pet, you can honor your beloved friend with help from Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory . Call our Fort Worth office at (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our pet cremation services.

  • Strategies for Coping with Feelings of Loss When Your Pet Needs to Be Put Down

    While your pet is happy and healthy, you should live in the moment and have as much fun as possible. At the same time, it’s important to emotionally prepare yourself for tragedy by recognizing that your pet will eventually pass away. When the time comes to give your pet a humane end, consider the following coping strategies .

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    Contemplate Your Responsibility
    Many homeowners feel a sense of guilt upon euthanizing their pets. However, it is the responsibility of every pet owner to recognize when his pet’s quality of life has deteriorated past hope of recovery, and to make the tough decision at the right time. If your pet is experiencing great pain, you won’t do him any kindness by keeping him alive. When struggling with the decision to euthanize your pet, ask yourself if you’re keeping your pet alive for his sake or for your own.

    Plan a Memorial
    Throughout human history, people have dealt with the loss of loved ones with memorial and burial ceremonies. To provide yourself and your family with a sense of closure, consider organizing a memorial, during which you and your loved ones can discuss your happiest memories and say your goodbyes. Letting your emotions out during a memorial service can help you begin the recovery process.

    Consider Counseling
    For many pet owners, losing a beloved pet is as tough as losing a human friend or family member. You shouldn’t feel guilty about grieving for your pet—if you’re experiencing tough emotions, you should consider working through them with a professional counselor. A counselor may not be able to “cure” you of your sadness, but he can at least help you make your peace with your pet’s passing and find a way forward.

    For more help coping with the loss of a beloved pet, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory . Our pet cemetery has the staff, resources, and facilities necessary to honor your pet with cremation and burial. Call our DFW-area office at (817) 478-6696 to learn more about our pet cemetery. 

  • How to Select a Casket for Your Pet

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery - Cremation and Casket

    Not everyone can understand the grief that pet owners feel upon losing a beloved pet. Sometimes, the pet owners themselves are even baffled by the depth of their own sadness. Many pet owners find it helpful to say goodbye to their pets by organizing a memorial service and selecting an appropriate casket.

    When selecting a casket for your pet, it’s important to think about your pet’s size, your budget, and your own aesthetic preferences. For example, an octagonal casket may be most appropriate for a turtle, while a dog or cat may be better suited to a traditional rectangular casket. You might also select a casket based on what you believe your pet would have wanted, whether it’s a fiberglass casket, a wooden casket, or a casket with velvet lining.

    For more help selecting a casket for your pet, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. We’re dedicated to helping Dallas and Fort Worth-area pet owners say goodbye to their loved ones in the most helpful way possible. Call us at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website if you have any questions.