• Planning a Tasteful Memorial Service for Your Pet

    Finding a way to honor a loyal friend that has passed away is daunting for many pet owners. Additionally, the emotional stress of coping with a significant loss and time constraints can make it even more difficult to handle the logistics of the funeral or memorial service. Consider these simple guidelines from Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory to make the bereavement process simpler:

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery - Memorial Site

    Sharing Memories
    Grieving is an ongoing process that affects everyone differently. It is important to acknowledge the love and fond memories that your beloved pet left with each member of the family. Many owners find it helpful to collect favorite toys and to say a few words at the memorial; “The Rainbow Bridge” is a popular pet memorial poem.

    Coordinating a Formal Service
    A memorial service can range from something as simple as a private gathering in a backyard to a full burial or ash spreading ceremony. Be aware that not all crematoriums offer complete on-site funeral services, so coordinate the details as soon as possible to avoid any confusion. Pre-need planning or professional assistance can address items such as decorations, music, pictures, and speakers.

    Planning Body Care
    Depending on whether you cremate or bury the remains, you will have to choose from a selection of caskets, urns, and memorial markers to preserve your pet’s memory. Common options for body care include cremation or burial in a yard or pet cemetery; be sure to check if there are any local restrictions regarding burial if you plan to hold a service on private property.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 10 years. From pick-up to body care to memorial services, we can help you pay your respects to your family friend in a dignified and respectful manner. Follow the link to learn more about our services or call (817) 478-6696 with any questions.

  • How to Explain Pet Loss to Your Child

    When children form a strong bond with a family pet, the feelings of loss after the pet passes away can be overwhelming. This short video discusses a few common tactics for explaining the loss of a pet to a child and helping him cope in an emotionally healthy manner.

    A formal ceremony is a common way to recognize feelings of loss and provide a sense of closure. The complexity of pet memorial ceremonies varies between different households; at least recognizing the pet as an important part of the family can help children address feelings of loss and help with the healing process.

    The staff at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory understands the difficulty of losing a beloved family friend.  We offer a wide range of in-house pet memorial services to bid your pet goodbye in a dignified and respectful manner. Contact us online or call (817) 478-6696 with any questions about our services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  • How Pet Memorials Can Help Children Cope with Losing Pets

    After a pet passes away, he can leave a significant void in children’s lives. However, learning to positively cope with grief is a valuable life skill. Although it can be difficult to plan a pet memorial while coping with the emotional loss of a close family friend, a formal service can serve a valuable purpose in the grieving process. Read on to learn how a pet memorial can help children:


    Comprehending Death
    Young children may find it difficult to understand death as an irreversible event. Children can easily misinterpret “death” as the pet running away or staying somewhere else—particularly if well-intentioned friends or family use euphemisms such as “being put to sleep” or “passing on.” A misunderstanding that the pet ran away or that the parents intentionally separated the pet from the family can result in feelings of resentment or betrayal. A memorial service can provide the groundwork for understanding that death is a natural part of life.

    Understanding the Cause of Death
    A pet memorial can provide children with an explanation of why their close friend is suddenly no longer around. Grief frequently does not always occur immediately after death and dissipate within a few days; it is a complex process that can vary in intensity over days, weeks, months, or even years. Taking the time to understand the cause of death can provide children with the information they need to healthily address negative feelings in the future.

    Validating Profound Feelings
    A child’s feelings of loss are as profound as any adult’s, but children may understandably have trouble processing these feelings. Children may feel confused or resentful if adults do not openly express grief over the family pet. A pet memorial service is an opportunity to formally recognize how much the pet meant to the entire family and help children understand that their sadness is only natural.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we understand the difficulty of bidding farewell to a precious member of the family. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to providing compassionate and personalized end-of-life pet services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 10 years. Visit us online to see our beautiful grounds or call (817) 478-6696 today for more information.

  • What Is Private Cremation?


    At a pet crematory, you may be presented with two options: a private cremation or a communal cremation. If you choose a communal cremation, your pet will be cremated with several other pets and the remains will be buried in a communal grave. If you choose a private cremation, your pet will be cremated alone.

    Choosing a private cremation is the only way to ensure that you receive your pet’s remains. If you opt for a private cremation at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, you can rest assured that a tag with your pet’s information will stay with your pet throughout the cremation process in order to avoid a mix up. If you choose, your pet’s remains may then be placed in a cedar urn with a gold-colored plate, upon which you can engrave your pet’s name and date of passing.

    If you have any questions about pet cremation, call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (817) 478-6696. Located in Fort Worth, TX, we provide DFW-area pet owners with a final resting place for their pets.