• Choosing an Urn for Your Pet’s Remains


    Preserving the ashes of a beloved pet inside an urn can keep his memory alive and provide closure. However, there are factors to consider when choosing purchasing an urn, included but not limited to size, cost, design, and what you plan to do with the ashes. Read on to learn more about the urn options offered by Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory.

    For purely decorative purposes, an elaborate design or brushed metal finish can provide a tasteful addition to interior or exterior décor. Alternatively, a wood urn or box can also provide an understated yet dignified resting place for your pet. A figurine or photo urn can provide a personalized touch to your loved one’s memorial and preserve fond memories.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for over 10 years, and our tranquil grounds can provide a peaceful resting place for your pet. We provide a wide range of pet memorial and burial services, including pre-need planning. Call (817) 478-6696 today to request more information.