• Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Pet’s Funeral

    You have probably heard about the benefits of pre-planning your own funeral, but have you considered the advantages of pre-planning your pet’s memorial service? At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we’re pleased to offer pet funeral pre-planning services to our DFW customers to help ease the stress associated with losing a pet. If you’ve been considering planning your final goodbye to your pet, these benefits may help you decide to start planning. 

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    Avoid Hasty Decisions
    When your pet passes on, you and your family are likely to experience intense emotions. Those circumstances are never ideal for making important decisions. Making a plan for your pet’s burial while you are coping with the shock of your loss could leave you with regrets in the future. When you pre-plan your pet’s funeral, you can make levelheaded decisions about how you want to remember your pet. These decisions can include whether to bury or cremate your pet and whether to have his or her remains buried in a pet cemetery.

    Plan for the Costs
    Costs for pet burial vary depending on the kind of ceremony you want and what burial options you choose. By pre-planning, you can budget for exactly the kind of farewell you want to give your pet. You can explore your options for burial plots, caskets, and other amenities and make choices that honor your pet while falling within your price range.

    Get Faster Service
    When you pre-plan your pet’s burial with us, all you have to do is pick up the phone when the time comes. We will put your plan into action immediately so you can focus on being there for your family.

    If you’re considering pre-planning for your pet’s final needs, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory today. We will help you understand your options, even if you decide that now is not the time to make a plan. Learn more about our pet burial and cremation services by calling (817) 478-6696.   

  • Conversations to Have With Your Kids When a Pet Dies

    When a pet dies, one of the hardest tasks is often explaining the loss to your kids. In many cases, losing a pet is a child’s first experience with death, and he or she is likely to have many questions. This video will help you tell your kids about the loss of a pet in a healthy, age-appropriate way.

    Start by being upfront with your kids about the loss. Resist the urge to tell them that your pet has run away or to use euphemisms. Taking part in a pet burial can help your kids get a chance to say goodbye to your beloved family friend.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we understand the enormous role pets play in families, and we’re here to help you design the pet burial that works for you. We offer pet cremation, memorials, and more. Learn about our pet burial services in DFW by calling (817) 478-6696.  

  • Facing the Difficult Decision to Euthanize Your Pet

    If your pet is ill, you may face a difficult decision. Do you allow your pet to continue facing pain, or do you make the choice to euthanize your pet to end his or her suffering? Euthanizing your pet is extremely difficult, but in some cases, it may be the most loving gift you can give to your beloved friend. Once you make the decision, you will need to consider other factors, like how to say goodbye and what pet burial option is right for your family. 

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    Signs That It May Be Time
    Your vet will help you make the important decision to euthanize your pet , but the symptoms you notice at home will play a major role. If your pet is living with chronic pain that cannot be treated with medication or if he or she has chronic diarrhea or vomiting issues, then euthanizing your pet may be the most humane option. The same holds true if your pet struggles to stand or walk or has lost interest in favorite activates. You should also let your vet know if your pet has chronic breathing issues. Your vet will consider your reports about your pet’s symptoms as well as lab work and overall diagnosis when advising you about euthanasia.

    How to Say Goodbye
    Making a plan for saying goodbye to your pet can ease the pain associated with the decision to euthanize him or her. It can be helpful for each family member to have private time with the pet to spend some special moments together. Before the procedure, have a plan for burying your pet. You can choose a pet burial or cremation with or without a memorial. It can help you during your grief to have a place to visit your lost pet, so consider having your pet’s remains placed in a pet cemetery.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help you make decisions about your pet’s final resting place. Let our compassionate staff explain your options for pet burial and pet cremation. You can reach our Dallas-Fort Worth location at (817) 478-6696. 

  • How to Tell Your Kids About the Death of a Pet

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    The loss of a pet is devastating to the entire family, but it can hit kids particularly hard. Often, it falls on parents to deliver the news about the passing of a pet. How you address the issue with them plays a big part in how they cope with the grief.

    The most important thing you can do is to be upfront and honest when telling your kids that your family pet has died. Don’t try to hide the news from them or use euphemisms. Doing so will only confuse them. Let your kids see that you are grieving, too, and ensure them that it is OK to feel sad and to have questions. If you must euthanize a pet, consider explaining what to expect to kids beforehand, so that they have a chance to say good-bye to their friend.

    Involving kids in pet burial planning can also be helpful. Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you entire family pick the right pet burial or cremation option for your pet. You can reach our DFW pet cemetery by calling (817) 478-6696.