• When Is It Time to Consider a New Pet?

    Losing a pet is a painful and overwhelming experience. Having a pet burial gives you a chance to say goodbye to your loved one and start the process of healing. Use this guide to find out if you are ready to welcome a new pet into your life:

    Kitten in a cage looking up

    Give Yourself Time to Grieve
    Whether you have lost a pet in the past or have just experienced your first pet loss, you are likely to feel upset, angry, and even confused. It is important to give yourself time to experience the grieving process so you are able to get your feelings out instead of keeping them inside. Getting a new pet before you have had time to grieve can leave you feeling resentful toward your new furry friend.

    Consider Other Family Members
    If you live with family members, you may all experience different types of grief after losing your pet. It can be difficult to talk to others about your emotions during this time, but starting a conversation with your family members can help you all start the healing process. Talking to your family members is important for determining how everyone feels about welcoming a new pet into the family. If you have any other pets, it is important to consider how they feel after the loss and how a new pet will affect them.

    Think About the Responsibilities of a New Pet
    After the loss of a pet, it is important to think about any plans you may have put on hold after first welcoming that pet into your family. This may be a good time to get back to those plans before taking on the responsibilities of a new pet. When you are ready for a new pet, remember that this new animal will not be the same as your old one. Even if you find the same breed, you will be getting a new pet with new needs.

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  • Learn More About Our Pet Cemetery Services

    Nobody wants to lose a loved one, whether a friend, family member, or a pet. If you have recently lost a pet, you may desire a chance to say goodbye to your lost loved one with a proper funeral service.

    As you will see in this video, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you plan a wonderful ceremony for your pet. We maintain a beautiful atmosphere with natural oak trees to provide a charming spot for your lost loved one. Pet owners can visit anytime to share a moment with their lost loved one and celebrate their time together.

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  • Signs You Should Seek Help for Your Grief After Losing Your Pet

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can help you during the difficult process of planning a burial service for your pet. After a pet burial or cremation, you may find yourself stuck in the grieving process. Look for these signs that you should seek help:

    Missing him.

    You Feel Like You Have No Support
    A good support system is always helpful when dealing with any type of loss. The grieving process may be unique for everyone, but a desire to feel thought of and supported tends to be common during this experience. If you feel like you have no support during this tragic time, professional help can provide the system you need to start healing.

    You Are Unable to Discard or Store Your Pet’s Items
    It can be difficult to move on when you have constant reminders of your lost loved one. You do not want to forget about your pet, but you also do not want to be stuck in the grieving process because of these constant reminders. If you have been unable to store or get rid of your pet’s toys or bed, consider meeting with a counselor to talk about your feelings and thoughts.

    You Imagine Seeing or Hearing Your Pet Around the House
    Do you ever think you see or hear your pet in your house now that he is gone? It is common for people to experience visions or sounds that remind them of their loved ones after losing them. If you continue to think you see or hear your pet, you may want to visit a professional to talk about your experience and start moving on.

    You Want to Talk to Someone
    Sometimes you just need someone who will listen to you. It can be difficult to share your thoughts with your friends and family members, but a counselor can provide the support you need to share your emotions and start feeling better.

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  • How Dogs Mourn

    Loving Eyes

    Nobody wants to lose one of his or her beloved pets. But it is important to realize that your human family members are not the only ones experiencing this loss. Pets also go through this loss. If you have multiple dogs, it is important to keep their wellbeing on your mind while going through the grieving process.

    Dogs exhibit signs of mourning similar to those exhibited by humans. If your family loses one dog, you may find that your other dogs start behaving differently. Many dogs start showing signs of depression after experiencing a loss. This may mean losing interest in hobbies, experiencing a loss of appetite, and spending more time sleeping. Finding some form of support can be beneficial for both you and your dog during this time.

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