• When Should You Consider Hospice Care for Your Pet?

    When pets struggle with a medical condition, pet parents often find themselves wondering if euthanasia is the only option. However, not every medical condition is painful and debilitating enough to warrant euthanasia. Once pain is controlled, a terminal diagnosis can usually be managed with hospice care. While choosing hospice care can be difficult for pet parents, it provides a unique opportunity for them to spend time with and say goodbye to their pets. Watch this video clip to learn more about hospice care and to find out if it’s right for your pet.

    After you have said your final goodbye to your pet, turn to Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory for help with final arrangements. We are a family-owned and operated pet cemetery in Fort Worth with a passion for helping pets and families. Call us at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website for more information.

  • Advice for Seniors Facing the Loss of a Pet

    Seniors facing the loss of a pet will probably experience a process of grief. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, a pet cemetery in Fort Worth , we understand that the experiences and timespan of this process are unique to each person. As you face the loss of a pet, keep the following tips in mind for grieving and finding new meaning in your life. 

    Kissing the Pooch

    Understand the Grieving Process
    The first thing to remember is that everyone grieves differently. Grief often occurs in stages, and may include feelings of denial, guilt, anger, and depression. Many people eventually reach a level of acceptance, but some do not. The lows may be more intense at the beginning and then become less intense as time goes on. But even years after a loss, you may find that certain sights, sounds, and dates spark memories that trigger grief.

    Don’t Let Others Debase Your Loss
    You may find some family and friends saying that the loss of a pet shouldn’t hurt as much as the loss of a human, or that it is inappropriate to grieve for the loss of an animal. These people do not understand because they either don’t have a pet of their own or cannot appreciate the level of companionship and love provided by a pet. If this is the case, you may find that the best support for your grief will come from outside of your typical circle of family and friends. You may even want to attend a pet loss support group or call a pet loss hotline.

    Maintain a Routine
    Routines can help ground you after a loss. It can also be ideal to integrate exercise into your routine if your doctor recommends it. Exercising will boost your vitality and help you connect with others. Taking a walk to a nearby park can also give you a chance to interact with other people’s pets, which can be soothing after your loss.

    For seniors facing the loss of a pet, it can also be very helpful to have a pet funeral or memorial ceremony. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory of Fort Worth , we offer a variety of pet burial and cremation options. Learn more by visiting our website or calling us at (817) 478-6696.

  • Understanding Pet Hospice Care

    Young Woman Holding Dog in Bed

    Pet hospice care is a unique service that gives your pet the end-of-life care he or she deserves. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we have known many pet parents who want to provide good pet hospice care at home. Continue reading to learn what pet hospice care offers and why it’s important to consider.

    What is Pet Hospice Care?
    Pet hospice care , also known as palliative care, is not conducted at a veterinary clinic; instead, it involves a personal choice to care for your pet in his or her final days or weeks at home. It is ideal for pet parents who want an extended goodbye with their pets. Through the use of pain medications, human interaction, and healthy meal preparation, pet parents can create a peaceful and comfortable end-of-life experience for a pet. Your veterinarian can help you evaluate the best way to provide hospice care for your pet.

    Is Pet Hospice Care Right for Your Pet?
    Pet hospice care is becoming more popular these days, but it isn’t right for every pet family. Pets who are experiencing pain, suffering, or poor quality of life do not deserve to have their discomfort prolonged. Ask your veterinarian whether pet hospice care is a good idea for your pet. It may be helpful to find a veterinarian who is available 24/7 to provide emergency euthanasia in case your pet’s condition takes a sudden turn. You may also want to look for a veterinarian who can make house calls.

    If you are interested in learning more about pet hospice care, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory . We are a family-owned and operated business that offers compassionate pet memorials and pet burial in Fort Worth. For more information, call us at (817) 478-6696 or visit our website.