• Ideas for Honoring Your Lost Pet


    When a pet passes, the memories you shared can provide a great source of comfort. For many pet owners, using a ceremony or creating a keepsake to honor their treasured friend can also serve as way to both remember the pet and ease grief.

    How you choose to honor your pet is entirely up to you. One option is putting some of the memories you have of your pet to paper. Take an afternoon or evening to gather your family and share stories that you can write down and even frame as a special memento. You can also frame a favorite photograph of your pet or have an artist draw his or her likeness. Another beautiful way to honor your pet is through nature. Planting a tree or row of flowers to commemorate your pet’s life can bring you and your entire family peace and comfort for many years.

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  • When Should You Consider Welcoming a New Pet into Your Family?

    The death of a beloved pet can cause significant heartache, and in some cases, families may be understandably tempted to adopt another animal as soon as possible. However, healthy grieving typically entails a mourning period during which each family member can work through his or her feelings. If you have recently suffered the loss of a pet , consider the following suggestions regarding when it might be time to add a new furry friend to your household.


    Consult Each Family Member
    The mourning process is different for each person who experiences it. Some individuals may come to a place of peace and acceptance in just a few months, while others continue to grieve for a year or more. Before moving forward with bringing a new pet into your home, consider the emotional state of your spouse and children. Have a candid conversation asking each family member to assess how he or she has healed from the loss. Only when each person can confidently say that he or she is ready will it be time to consider bringing a new pet into your family.

    Consider the Needs of a New Pet
    If the pet you recently lost lived to an older age, it may be difficult to remember the demands of having a young puppy or kitten. When talking about adding a new pet to your household, discuss the type of pet that is right for your family. For instance, a puppy requires a significant amount of attention, as it has much energy and much to learn. A large dog may also necessitate longer and more frequent walks in comparison to smaller breeds. However, getting the same type of pet may lead to comparisons with the passed pet. Each of these concerns should be considered and addressed to ensure that you get a pet that is well suited to your family.

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