• Recognizing the Signs of Serious Illness in Your Cat

    The loss of a pet can cause grief no matter the circumstances surrounding it. When pet owners believe their animals to be healthy, though, pet deaths can be especially traumatic. Cats, in particular, can often hide symptoms of serious illness, so it is up to owners to monitor their behavior and look for unusual changes. If you are a cat owner, the following information can prove essential in preventing the premature loss of your furry friend.

    Many cats take special care to keep themselves clean. If you notice that your cat no longer attends to his grooming needs , it may be because of an undiagnosed medical condition. Paying too much attention to his appearance may also indicate a health problem. If your cat’s grooming activities lead to skin inflammation or fur loss, he may be in distress or discomfort.

    Pet deaths are sometimes preceded by a change in diet. If you find that your cat no longer finishes his bowl of food or incessantly cries for more food, he may be suffering from a serious condition. Though it may be difficult to ascertain just how much your cat drinks throughout the day, his thirst levels may also point to an undiagnosed illness. Regularly monitor the amount of water in his bowl and talk to a veterinarian about any noticeable changes in his drinking habits.

    Every cat has a personality all of his own. When you are familiar with how your cat typically acts, you can more easily tell if he is displaying unusual behavior that could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. His interactions with others can also highlight potential health problems. For instance, when a cat that usually embraces attention suddenly runs from people, you may want to reach out to a pet health expert.

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