• How the Loss of a Pet Can Impact Your Health

    The loss of a pet in Fort Worth, Texas, can have a dramatic effect on your physical and emotional health. This video discusses how pet deaths can affect wellbeing and what you can do to manage grief.

    Pet deaths can be sudden, such as when a furry friend suffers a life-ending injury, or they can be the result of long-term disease. Whether your loss was unexpected or anticipated, the mourning process can bring on depression. If grief is beginning to interfere with your health, seek professional support. Grief counseling can provide the encouragement you need to work through your emotions.

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  • Should You Pre-Plan Your Pet’s Funeral?

    Pet funeral dfw The loss of a pet is a natural part of pet ownership, but it is still an event that many pet owners fear. The passing of your cat or dog can cause difficult feelings, and having to arrange for a pet funeral or pet burial in Dallas may only intensify these emotions. That is why many pet cemetery professionals recommend pre-planning pet funerals. The mourning process can be considerably more bearable when you are free to simply experience your grief instead of having to coordinate these arrangements. Plus, when you are not in mourning, you may make more appropriate decisions for your needs. With the help of a pet funeral expert, you can choose whether pet burial or pet cremation better suits your wishes. If you decide to cremate, you can select from an array of pet urns. Should you choose to bury your pet, you can also choose from a selection of pet caskets.

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  • Choosing Between Cremation and Burial for Your Lost Pet

    Pet cremation and burial near DFW What are your final wishes for your pet? If you have yet to consider whether you want pet cremation or pet burial in Arlington, Texas, now may be the right time to do so. If you currently have a healthy and happy pet at your side, it can make your decision an easier one. Should you wait until you experience the loss of a pet, your grief may prove too great, making it all the more difficult to make your pet’s final arrangements.

    Benefits of Cremation

    Cremation is a process that more and more people are choosing for not only themselves, but also for their pets. Pet cremation involves treating and reducing the remains with high heat. Many pet owners are deciding to cremate their pets because they wish to memorialize their cat or dog in a pet urn. If you select pet cremation, you can place your urn anywhere in your home and let it be a constant reminder of your beloved pet. You may also decide to scatter the ashes of your pet in a place that he loved, such as a favorite park or vacation spot.

    Advantages of Burial

    Many pet owners still choose pet burial as the best option for their pets. This more traditional service involves the selection of a pet casket as well as a final resting place. If this custom brings you solace because of its longstanding tradition, pet burial might be the right choice for you. This option also allows you and your family to visit your pet as you wish. Keep in mind, though, that regardless of whether you decide to move forward with pet cremation or pet burial, you can always have a pet funeral to celebrate your pet’s life and say your final goodbyes. A pet funeral home associate can help you coordinate each of your chosen services.

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  • Pet Symptoms That Should Be Checked Out by Your Vet

    Sick Pet near DFW Pets often try to hide their illnesses and injuries, which is why so many pet deaths in Fort Worth and other cities across the country may appear sudden to pet owners. As a pet owner, you must always pay attention to your pet, as even minor changes to his appearance or attitude may signify a serious health issue. By consulting your veterinarian about your concerns, you may potentially prevent the premature loss of a pet.

    Skin Inflammation

    Mites and fleas may be little, but they can cause big problems for your pet. His skin can become red and irritated. Because of the chronic itchiness your pet may be experiencing, he could cause the loss of his hair as well. However, skin inflammation may also occur if your pet has an infection. As with any infection, a skin infection can quickly lead to serious health complications. Seeing a veterinarian before your pet’s symptoms worsen can save him from discomfort and other complications.


    Is your cat or dog normally a high-spirited animal? If he suddenly doesn’t seem as active, or if you can’t rouse him even with playtime, he may be suffering from a health problem. When accompanied by an avoidance of food, lethargy often points to a medical condition that requires professional help. It can be extremely difficult to discern the nature of your pet’s illness on your own, so go to your vet as soon as possible.

    Gastric Distress

    Pet deaths often result from the accidental intake of foods that are toxic to pets. If you are a pet owner, you may know firsthand how persistent your pet can be in trying to eat foods that are unhealthy for him. Though you may not always be able to keep an eye on your pet, the signs of food poisoning are often recognizable. Pets who suffer from loose bowel movements or bouts of vomiting frequently have ingested a dangerous food. If your pet expels fluids more than once, talk to your vet right away.

    If you have recently lost a beloved pet, let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory help you through the mourning process. We can support you through the loss of a pet and provide services to ease your grief. For information on our pet memorial and pet cemetery options, call (817) 478-6696.