• Why You Should Consider Pet Cremation

    Pet cremation DFW Pet cremation in Dallas, Texas, has become a common way for pet owners to lovingly lay to rest and remember their furry friends. If you have suffered the loss of a pet, animal cremation may be the most appropriate way for you to honor your cat or dog. Pet cremation allows pet owners to forever commemorate their animals with either the use of a pet urn or the burial of the ashes. If you want a visual tribute to your pet in your home, pet cremation allows you to display his urn anywhere in your home. Alternately, you can bury your pet’s ashes in a pet cemetery and visit it as often as you would like. You may even be able to scatter your pet’s ashes in a favorite location.

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  • What Are the Signs of Cat Parasites?

    There are two different types of parasites in cats—ectoparasites and indoparasites. While ectoparasites live on the outside of your cat, indoparasites are internal. Though indoparasites are mainly benign, failure to treat serious indoparasites can lead to loss of a pet in Dallas, Texas.

    In this video, a veterinarian describes the symptoms of cat parasites. As he explains, ectoparasites may cause your cat to itch and scratch. If your cat has contracted indoparasites like tapeworms, you may actually notice the tapeworm. It’s fairly common for cats to contract worms, as the mother may pass worms during pregnancy. Though worms may be common, you should seek veterinary treatment soon after recognizing the symptoms.

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  • A Brief Look at Your Pet Burial Options

    Pet burial DFW While some families choose to cremate their pets, others choose to honor their deceased pets through pet burial boxes. As with planning funeral services for a loved one, arranging a pet burial in Fort Worth, Texas, begins with selecting a burial site. The process of planning a pet burial can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to consult with professionals during the planning process.

    If you choose pet burial, you need to first choose a burial site to put your pet to rest. Once you select a section of the park to bury your pet, you will need to choose the type of casket and memorial marker for your pet. Pet funeral services will often offer a full range of pet caskets to choose from, in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. An advantage of choosing your pet’s burial site is the ability to choose from a quality line of caskets and to select your pet’s personalized headstone.

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  • Talking to Your Kids About the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Pet death in DFW For many children, the loss of a family pet is their first encounter with death. As a parent, it can be tempting to handle the loss of a pet by skirting the issue or explaining death to your children in a vague way. This can make the situation worse for your children, so it’s important to discuss pet deaths in a way that doesn’t leave your children feeling anxious or mystified.

    Speaking honestly

    You may be tempted to explain death with euphemisms such as “passed away” or “went to sleep.” Speaking in this vague manner may actually end up confusing your children or even instilling a fear of going to sleep at night. While you don’t have to provide your children with lots of information, you do need to explain what happened and make sure your children can voice any feelings they have about death. Remember to be honest, accurate and brief in answering any questions.

    Discussing euthanasia

    If your child is under the age of five, you want to avoid going into detail about euthanasia. If your pet does require euthanasia , you can explain to your child that the dog was incredibly sick or experiencing substantial pain. You can also tell your child that the doctor needed to help your pet die. If your child is older, you can describe euthanasia in more detail and let your child decide whether or not to be present.

    Helping with grief

    Involving your children in the grieving process means asking them how they would like to honor your family pet. For example, your child may want to draw pictures, share funny stories, or bury in a pet cemetery. You should also consider pet crematory, which allows you and your children to spread your pet’s ashes.

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