• Comparing Private and Communal Pet Cremation

    Pet Cremation DFW

    A pet crematory in Fort Worth, Texas may offer two kinds of pet cremation: private and communal. You should be sure to carefully consider your options before the loss of a pet, especially when the cost of pet cremation is a factor.

    When a pet crematory offers private cremation services, it means you will have your pet’s personal remains after the cremation is completed. Pets’ remains are placed in sealed bags, which are then placed in cedar pet urns or cat urns with a gold lock and key. A gold nameplate engraved with your pet’s name is attached to the top of the urn, and a memorial card is placed inside. With communal pet cremation, your pet will be cremated with several other pets, and the remains are buried in a pet cemetery.

    If you want to know more about pet cremation , contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (682) 587-2324. You can also stop by our Dallas area location to look at pet urns and cat urns, so you can pick the perfect vessel for your beloved pet after cremation.

  • Answering Questions about End-of-Life Care for Your Pet

    Pet Loss DFW

    The loss of a pet can be just like losing a beloved family member. If your pet is reaching his final years or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is important to calmly plan the end-of-life experience and make sure he is comfortable during his last moments. By visiting a pet cemetery and planning a pet memorial ahead of time, you can ensure that your pet is properly remembered. Continue reading to learn more about end-of-life pet care.

    How Can I Minimize My Pet’s Pain?
    Pet deaths are never easy, but you can minimize your pet’s pain to keep him more comfortable during this time. First, discuss your pet’s care with your vet, and be sure to have any health problems properly diagnosed. You can also comfort your pet by surrounding his with his favorite things, like a warm blanket or a special toy.

    Can I Provide Hospice Care?
    The loss of a pet can be especially difficult if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness. However, palliative care is an option to make your pet’s final days or weeks more pleasant. Just like hospice care for humans, this strategy provides different medications, special foods, and plenty of social interaction so your pet is as comfortable as possible. You may also want to consider planning a pet memorial to put your mind at ease.

    When Should I Consider Euthanasia?
    Making the decision to put your pet to sleep is never easy, but in some cases, it is the right decision to end his pain. Euthanasia provides a painless and peaceful end. Remember, vets have special training to provide pets with a gentle and humane way to pass away.

    Find out more about end-of-life care for your beloved pet by calling the office of Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory at (682) 587-2324. Our full-service pet cemetery and crematory has been providing compassionate services to families and their pets for years. We understand that pet deaths in Fort Worth, Texas are difficult times, and we want to ensure that your pet has the best quality of life possible as he or she nears the end.

  • Talking to Your Kids About Losing a Beloved Family Pet

    Losing a pet is painful for the entire family, but for kids, it can be especially traumatic. Often, pet deaths are the first experiences children have with losing someone they love, so helping them through the process is important. Watch this video for advice to make talking to your child about your loss a little easier.

    Try to avoid using euphemisms for pet deaths, which may only confuse your child. Instead, be direct and use age-appropriate language. Share your own feelings of loss so your child knows that it is natural to be sad after a pet has passed on.

    Planning a pet memorial can also help your child say goodbye. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory in Arlington, Texas, we offer a range of pet burial and animal cremation options to help your family as your grieve. Find out more about our services by calling (682) 587-2324.

  • Tips for Welcoming a New Pet After a Loss

    Pet Loss DFW After the loss of a pet , it may be tempting to get a new animal right away to help soothe some of the loneliness. However, just as you were thoughtful about welcoming your first pet into your home, you must also proceed with caution when bringing in a new animal companion. If you are considering getting a new pet after a pet burial, keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new family member.

    Put Grief First
    Like people, you cannot simply replace a pet you have lost. Your new animal will be different from the beloved one who has passed on, and you have to be willing to make that transition. Before you get a new pet, take some time to grieve your loss. Consider having a pet memorial service and choose a way to honor the pet that is gone. If you get a new animal too soon, you may find that you are not up to the stress of training and adjusting to a new pet or that having a new animal around actually exacerbates your grief.

    Consider Your Other Pets
    If you have multiple pets, the animals that are left behind are likely to be grieving their lost companion as well. Keep in mind that pets are not always welcoming to a new animal. It can take dogs one to two weeks, while cats may resist a new animal for over a month. Although there will always be some adjustment necessary when you add a new animal, doing so too soon may make the transition more difficult.

    Make a Family Decision
    Your new pet will need the same amount of love and attention as your old pet. Make sure everyone in the family is ready to be open to a new pet with a new personality . Talk to your children in particular to remind them that your new pet isn’t a replacement but rather a completely new family member.

    When you need to say goodbye to a lost pet, let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory in Fort Worth, Texas help with multiple options for pet burial and pet cremation. Call (682) 587-2324 for more information about our services.

  • Signs of Life-Threatening Health Crises in Cats

    Pet Loss DFW Although saying goodbye to an animal companion is always difficult, pet deaths are part of pet ownership. However, staying vigilant about your pet’s health will keep him or her healthy for as long as possible. If a cat is part of your family, paying attention to subtle clues about his or her health is important, especially since cats are less likely than dogs to reveal when they are feeling sick.

    When should you consider taking your cat to the vet? If you notice breathing difficulties, sudden paralysis, or distress, your cat should be examined. You should also consider calling the vet about prolonged periods of intestinal problems, lethargy, and not eating or drinking. If you know your cat has ingested a toxin or has been in a fight, a visit to the vet can be life-saving.

    When it is time to put your pet to rest and plan a pet funeral, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help with a variety of personalized pet memorial options in Dallas, Texas. Discover how we can help with pet burial after pet deaths by calling (682) 587-2324.