• Should Children Attend Pet Euthanasia Appointments?

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    When you finally make the decision that euthanasia is the best decision for your beloved pet, the next question you have to consider is whether your children should be present for the procedure. Dealing with pet deaths is highly personal, and no two families are the same. The appropriateness of your children’s presence depends on many factors, including age, personality, and each child’s preference.

    The benefit of having children present for euthanasia is that they get to say goodbye and have some kind of closure. Very young children may not understand what is going on, but children as young as five or six can often benefit from being present. Some parents choose to have children in a different room for the procedure but then bring them in to say goodbye when the pet has passed. Whatever your decision, it is not advisable to have your pet euthanized without talking to your children about pet deaths first.

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  • Animals Experience Grief, Too

    Whether you’ve experienced the loss of a pet or human loved one, your remaining pets may show signs of grief, as well. They may not have the verbal capability to express their feelings, but they’ll show you their sadness over a pet death in other ways.

    The video features Koko the gorilla—famous for her knowledge of sign language—learning about the death of her kitten. Koko continually signs “sad” and “bad” to express her heartbreak. Later, she can be heard making crying sounds when she’s alone.

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  • Reasons to Memorialize Your Pet

    Pet Loss DFW Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but it is a natural process of life. Knowing that there are options for pet cremation and pet burial can help alleviate the sting of your pet’s passing a little. Below are a few reasons to consider memorializing your pet, so you don’t have to say goodbye forever.

    It Helps with the Grieving Process
    Anyone who has lost someone, human or pet, needs to grieve that loss . It may be an incredibly sad and difficult time, but addressing that pain can help you get through it. Often, with the loss of a pet, many pet owners dispose of the remains by burying them in the backyard or paying a disposal fee at their local vet or animal control center. If this is truly someone’s wish, then it’s best to follow that. For many people, though, when they don’t have something tangible of their pets to hold on to or see, the grief and sadness might become overwhelming. You may feel like a piece of your heart is gone, but when you receive that memorialization of them, that missing piece may not seem quite so big.

    It’s a Way to Honor Your Pet
    Purchasing a pet memorial, such as an urn, memento box, or gravestone, is the best way to honor your pet’s memory and influence. Your pet left a huge impact on you and your family, so he deserves a special remembrance. A memento box can hold his cremated remains, your favorite photos of him, and a collar or token of his. No matter your way of remembering him, a beloved pet created a special place in your heart, and he deserves to be honored for that love and devotion.

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  • Helping a Friend Grieve a Pet

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    Grieving a lost loved one, pet or human, is never easy, but it always feels a little more comforting when someone can share in our grief with us. When your friend has experienced a pet death, you may be at a loss of what to say or do. This is normal, but know that your comforting presence and listening ear may be just enough.

    When your friend has lost a pet, try to offer only sympathy and helpful solutions to get through her grief. Suggest she makes a pet memorial, such as a scrapbook or a memento box. You can offer to help as she uses this creative outlet, and you may start sharing your favorite stories of the lost pet. You know your friend best, so help her through this time in the best way for her.

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  • Working Through the Loss of a Pet

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    The loss of a pet can be devastating at times, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As time passes, and you face your grief and loss head-on, the heaviness in your heart will feel a little bit lighter. Pet deaths can be just as upsetting as the death of any other family member or close friend. As you find your way through this loss, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

    Don’t Feel Ashamed
    Many times, outside friends and acquaintances may not understand your deep connection to your lost pet. Non-animal lovers may even seem cold and callous to your grief, but do not let negative comments or people make you feel ashamed. The loss of a pet can take its toll on your emotions, just like the loss of a human loved one. Don’t feel ashamed for your feelings. Don’t hide away in fear of judgment for your sadness. You are allowed to grieve and feel sadness however is best for you.

    Grieve and Share Your Stories
    Many times, talking with someone who is understanding of your grief and loss is a great way to work through your pet’s death. Hiding away from the world may be part of your grieving process, but don’t let yourself get caught up in negative memories or thoughts. Focus on the happy times and memories you have, rather than your pet’s last moments or sickness. Your pet would be the one to comfort you during your sadness, and they would not want you to be sad over them for long.

    Memorialize Your Pet
    There are many ways you can honor the memory of your beloved pet after experiencing a pet death. You might inter them at a pet cemetery, or keep their remains in a decorated pet urn. There are several memorial products for pets, from memento boxes to pendants, to help keep your lost loved one close to your heart.

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