• A Look at Heartworm Disease in Dogs

    Heartworm disease is a common cause of pet deaths in animals that do not receive preventative medications. Watch this video to learn how this disease develops and how it causes so many pet deaths.

    Infected mosquitos transmit heartworms. Dogs are especially vulnerable because of the amount of time they spend outside. As the worms travel to the heart, they can cause blockages that lead to heart failure, heart attacks, and death. Medications are available to protect pets from mosquito bites that could lead to heartworms.

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  • How to Recognize the Signs of End of Life in a Dog

    Pet Loss DFW

    It can be an extremely difficult time during a pet’s death, but knowing the warning signs can help you and your family cope with the coming loss of your dog. If you notice any of the following signs, you may consider consulting your veterinarian on ways to comfort your dog.

    Lack of Appetite and Weight Loss
    As your dog reaches the end of his life , he may show little interest in food, or stop eating altogether. As a result, he will probably show signs of weight loss. This may happen for days, weeks, and even months as a given illness becomes worse. Consult your veterinarian about supplements and ways to give your dog nourishment in the months before his passing.

    When your dog shows little to no interest in the activities he used to enjoy, he is probably reaching the end of his life. Dogs become lethargic and begin to withdraw the closer they come to the end. They may not respond to normal sounds and sights that once excited them. Sadly, they may not even respond to their favorite people anymore either.

    If your dog often seems confused or forgetful, it is a sign he is losing brain function. He may become scared as a result of the confusion and forgetfulness. Be patient and quiet as you try to calm him down. Animals can often pick up human emotions. The more scared and confused you become, the more stressed out he may become.

    Loss of Control of Bodily Functions
    Bodily functions can mean normal voiding habits, like urinating, but the term can also refer to walking and moving as well. As the end draws near, your dog may lose control of his bladder or bowels; he could begin vomiting; and he may twitch uncontrollably or lose the ability to walk and move regularly.

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  • A Look at Hospice Care for Animals

    Grieving Pet DFW As an illness begins to take hold of your pet, it can become increasingly difficult to care for him. Thankfully, many veterinarian services offer hospice care for dying pets and their families. Before the sad eventuality of a pet’s death, here are the ways hospice care can benefit your pet and the family.

    The family gets involved.
    Especially if the hospice care is in the family’s home, then it is expected the family will have an active role in caring for the pet. This may mean administering medications, cleaning up after the pet, and providing emotional care. If members of the family are uncomfortable or unable to participate, this should be stated when deciding where hospice care should be located.

    Pain management is discussed.
    Veterinarian staff should have a frank and open discussion about the pet’s pain management as his end of life approaches. Often, the family will be trained in how to assess the pain level, and how to address the pain with appropriate medications. If the family is too emotional or unable to administer the pain medications, the veterinarian staff needs to be made aware, and take appropriate action to make the animal as comfortable as possible.

    Veterinary services are available.
    Most veterinarians who offer hospice services will be available at all times, should an emergency occur. These services might also include additional care, advice, or euthanasia when it is needed. If these services are not available, then another veterinarian practice should be available for emergency care.

    Euthanasia services are available.
    When the time comes to put a pet down, a pet hospice should have the capability to administer euthanasia services. The process and anticipated side effects should be explained to the owners beforehand. Any personal time with the dying or deceased animal should be given, as well.

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