• Talking to Your Kids About a Pet’s Sudden Death

    When your family experiences the loss of a pet, it can be heartbreaking for everyone. However, your children may be shocked and confused by a pet’s death, particularly if they haven’t already gone through the loss of a loved one. To help make the process easier, use the following guide when talking to your kids about the sudden death of a pet.

    Informing Your Children of the Loss

    Breaking the news of a pet’s death to your kids can be very difficult. To help your children stay more calm and attentive, speak with them individually and in a location that is familiar but with few distractions. Keep in mind that, based on your kids’ age and personality, you may only need to give them small amounts of general information; details may frighten your child and make the grieving process more challenging.

    Talking to Your Children About Death

    While it’s important to carefully gauge what you should tell you children about how or why their pet died, it’s also better to tell them the truth. Lying to kids about the death of their pet by saying that he went on a vacation or ran away is not likely to make the process easier for them and can lead to bitterness if they were to learn the truth. Instead, speak honestly and answer any questions they may have as best as you are able.

    Helping Your Children Say Goodbye

    You can help your children cope by letting them know it’s okay to feel sad or angry. After some time has passed, try to help your kids heal and move on from their grief by giving the pet a proper farewell. Consider holding a ceremony to give the lost pet a burial in your backyard or at a pet cemetery, allowing your children a chance to say goodbye and share fond memories.

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