• Supporting a Friend Who Is Mourning a Pet

    As with any loss, pet deaths can leave individuals devastated and grieving. If you have a friend who recently lost their pet companion, then there are a few ways through which you can show your support.

    Make yourself available to listen.

    Everyone grieves the loss of a pet in their own way, and your friend may or may not wish to talk about how he is feeling. However, making yourself available to listen is one of the best ways to help your friend during this period. Let him know that you are there to talk if he wishes, and be prepared to listen more than you speak.

    Share stories and your memories of the pet.

    Often, people enjoy sharing stories about their lost pet. If you were familiar with the pet, reminiscing about the pet’s antics, favorite toys, or personality is a great way to share your fondness and memories of the pet with your friend. Also, continue to use the pet’s name following its passing. Taking these steps can help your friend remember what a great life the pet experienced and how he provided his animal companion with a comfortable home and caring family.

    Avoid making a few common mistakes.

    Following the death of a beloved pet, there a few things that friends and family might say with the best of intentions, but that can have a negative impact on the person in mourning. First, avoid saying that the pet is in a better place because your friend might feel that the best place is at his side. Next, if your friend often complained about the pet, reminding him of that is not likely to be helpful. Finally, you may inadvertently make your friend feel worse by asking him when he plans to get another pet, as this can imply that the one which he lost can be replaced.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Pet Cremation Options

    Cremation is a service that offers people an alternative to traditional burial options following the loss of a pet. If you are thinking about choosing pet cremation for your animal companion who has passed on, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about this service.

    What are my options for pet cremation?

    Most locations that offer pet cremation services will have 2 selections from which to choose. The first, which is communal pet cremation, is the cremation of more than 1 pet that has passed. The second option, which is private pet cremation, involves cremating the remains of just 1 pet.

    Will I be able to get my pet’s ashes back?

    When families choose cremation for a pet that has passed on, they commonly wonder if they can have the ashes returned to them for burial or scattering. The answer to this question depends on the cremation option you select. Communal pet cremation involves the cremation of more than 1 animal so if you choose this option, your pet’s ashes will be mixed with those of others. On the other hand, opting for private pet cremation means that your pet’s remains will be cremated alone and you can have the ashes returned to you.

    What can I do with the ashes following pet cremation?

    You have several options to choose from following the cremation of your pet’s remains. If you choose communal cremation, then the pet cemetery may bury these ashes on site. If you opt for private cremation, then you can select to have the ashes buried in a plot on the grounds. Some individuals choose to keep the cremated remains and to bury them at home or in a location that was loved by their pet. Finally, keeping the ashes in an urn or scattering the ashes are also possibilities.

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  • How Pre-Planning for Your Pet’s Burial Can Help Your Family

    You may have considered funeral pre-planning for yourself, but what about your pet? Pre-need planning for your pet’s burial offers many advantages that your family will be grateful for when the loss of a pet occurs.

    One of the biggest advantages of pre-planning is that is allows you to make decisions about your pet burial before you are under the stress of the event itself. You can make decisions with a clearer head by pre-planning, so you can avoid hasty decisions that you later regret. Pre-planning also has financial benefits in that you may be able to pre-pay for lower fees or budget accordingly for the kind of burial you want.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory in Dallas can help you with both pet funeral pre-planning and planning in the moment of need when a pet has passed away. Find out more about your pet burial and cremation services by calling (682) 587-2324.

  • Myths About Pets and Mourning

    Following the loss of a pet , not everyone may understand the degree of your mourning. Some people, especially those who have never experienced pet deaths, may expect to simply snap out of it because you lost an animal, not a person. However, your grief is not wrong. Dealing with pet deaths are difficult enough without putting additional pressure on yourself because of these myths that some people believe about pet mourning.

    Myth: It’s wrong to feel intense grief when you lose a pet.

    Despite what people believe who never experienced a close connection with a pet, it is both normal and healthy to grieve. For many people, pets are like children and are present for many life milestones. Pet deaths represent the loss of an important part of your life, and mourning is entirely appropriate. There is no reason to justify the grief you feel over the loss of your pet simply because he or she was not a human. Pet loss and human loss are both painful experiences, and one does not make the other less valid.

    Myth: You should get a new pet as soon as possible.

    To ease the mourning process, many people attempt to get a new pet as soon as they can after the loss of another animal. However, you cannot replace a pet any more than you can replace a person you lost. Make sure you are ready to open your heart to a new pet before you welcome a one into your home.

    Myth: Euthanizing your pet was cruel.

    Even while mourning, some people feel responsible for their own pain because they chose to euthanize their pets, and they may even feel guilty. Euthanizing your pet is not a cruel decision but rather a final act of love on your part. Feel comforted that you saved your pet from needless suffering.

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