• What to Consider When Pre-Planning Your Pet’s Burial

    As with humans, pre-planning final arrangements for pets can be helpful. Because pet deaths are so overwhelming, making decisions about burial, cremation, and memorials in the midst of your grief can be almost impossible. Unfortunately, many families who wait until their pets have passed to make these arrangements ultimately find that they wish they could go back and change some of the decisions that they made. Pre-planning your pet’s burial helps you to avoid some of these concerns. If you decide to pre-plan for your pet, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

    Type of Burial

    Most pet cemeteries offer the option of having your pet buried in a communal grave or interned individually. For many families, there are many factors to consider when making this decision. Budget is a leading concern for most pet families, and communal burial is less expensive. If you choose to do an individual burial, the pet cemetery will help you select a plot. Keep in mind that the cost of burial can vary dramatically, no matter which method you choose, based on things like the type of casket you select.

    Memorial Options

    There are a number of different ways you can choose to memorialize your lost pet. If you opt for an individual plot for your pet, you can select a personalized marker that ranges from a flat stone to a more elaborate, elevated marker. You can also plan a memorial ceremony or visitation period with your pet to help your family gain some closure and say a final goodbye.

    Your Role

    When you have a plan in place for your pet’s burial, those plans can be enacted by calling the pet cemetery when the time comes. It can be helpful to consider in advance what your role will be at this time. Some families want to be involved in every step of the process, while others wish for the pet cemetery to simply perform the burial and inform them when it is done.

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  • Helping Yourself Get Through the Pain of Losing an Animal Companion

    People are often unprepared to cope with pet deaths, so many individuals struggle with their emotions after losing an animal companion. If your pet recently passed, then consider the following advice for getting through your pain after losing a pet:

    Show Yourself Kindness

    One reason why many people struggle with the grieving process after losing a pet is that the loss can be minimized, often unintentionally, by other people. The loss of a pet is the loss of a friend , source of unconditional love, and companion that shared your daily routine. For these reasons, it’s important to realize that your grief is justified and that it may take some time to cope with your loss.

    Remember Your Pet’s Life

    For many people, the grief felt after losing an animal companion is deepened and complicated by the circumstances of the pet’s death. If you worry that your pet’s death could have been avoided, or if you chose to euthanize your pet who was ailing, then you may be suffering from feelings of guilt that make it difficult to heal. As you grieve, try not to focus on the last days of your animal companion’s life, and instead review his life by writing down some of your best memories of him. Reminding yourself of these moments and sharing them with friends may help you heal after the loss of your pet.

    Memorialize Your Pet

    Finally, giving your pet a proper goodbye and memorializing him in some way may help you cope with this loss and heal. Perform a ritual, such as a burial at a pet cemetery, and offer your pet a final goodbye. To memorialize his life, consider planting a garden or tree in his name to pay tribute to his life and honor the bond that you had for years to come.

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  • When to Choose Private Pet Cremation

    If you recently lost a pet and you’re considering your options for pet cremation, then you will need to decide whether a private or communal cremation is the right choice for your needs. During a communal cremation, multiple animals are cremated simultaneously. At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we bury the cremated remains from communal cremations in our cemetery, allowing families to come and visit the burial site of their pet.

    On the other hand, private cremation involves cremating pets individually. If you would like to have your pet’s cremated remains returned to you, or if you would prefer that your pet’s cremated remains be buried or interred separately from others, then you will need to select a private cremation. This service is more expensive than communal cremation but ensures that your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you.

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  • 10 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

    Pet deaths are painful experiences, and while some animals die of old age and related conditions, others pass on after ingesting something that is toxic. To help ensure the health of your canine companion, watch this video to learn about 10 foods that you should never feed your dog.

    Alcohol, even in small amounts, can damage your canine’s liver, brain, and central nervous system. Also, caffeine can be fatal to your dog and cause bleeding, muscle tremors, and rapid breathing. Other foods that you should never feed your canine include currants, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, chives, onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, marijuana, yeast dough, and xylitol.

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  • What to Consider When Planning a Burial for Your Pet

    After the loss of a pet, performing the ritual of a pet burial is one way to help cope with your grief and say goodbye to your animal companion. If you’re preparing for a pet burial, then consider the following factors during the planning process:

    Cemetery Location

    If you plan to bury your pet at a pet cemetery, then it’s important to choose the right location. For example, if you hope to visit your pet’s grave, then selecting a cemetery that’s close to your home can be beneficial. Additionally, look into the cemetery’s hours and then visit the location to consider the atmosphere of the grounds before making a decision. You should also ensure that the park is on dedicated land which is zoned as a pet cemetery and that the facility operates within local laws. After choosing a cemetery, you can then decide upon a plot in the park where your pet will be laid to rest .

    Service Cost

    Like with any funeral, it’s important to consider the costs of the services that you would like as you prepare for the burial. Set a budget, factor in the cost of the pet burial, and then select any additional services based on what funds remain. Taking these steps can help you avoid unforeseen costs and plan the burial that you want for your pet.

    Casket and Marker

    Once the cemetery plot is selected and you know how much money remains in your budget, you can then consider what type of casket and grave marker you would like for your pet. The casket that you should select relies on your personal preferences and how you would like to remember your pet. Finally, choosing a custom grave marker will allow you to memorialize your pet and distinguish her gravesite.

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