• Dispelling Myths About Grieving Your Pet

    It’s difficult to accurately define grief, as everyone experiences it a little differently. Because grief is so personal, there is no right or wrong way to experience it or cope with it. This is just as true regarding grief after a pet’s death as it is for grief after a human’s death. No one but you will ever know exactly how you feel, so don’t let anyone tell you how you should grieve.

    Myth: It’s easier to get over the loss of a pet than a human.

    In some ways, it can be harder to move forward after a pet’s loss. Your pet was your faithful companion every day. He or she gave you unconditional love and affection, and the bond between you and your pet was indescribably strong. Now that your companion is gone, you may feel as though part of your soul has died, too. Grieving intensely for the loss of a pet is natural, as it’s reflective of your love for him or her.

    Myth: It’s silly to take time off from work to grieve.

    Not everyone will understand the depth of your sorrow , but this doesn’t mean you should force yourself to return to work immediately. At the very least, you should give yourself time to visit the pet cemetery and say goodbye. When you’re ready to get back to work, you may find that the distraction helps you get through the day.

    Myth: Adopting again would be impossible.

    You shouldn’t feel pressured to adopt again, but don’t assume that you should never do so. Some people need time to heal before letting another animal into their hearts and homes. Others find that getting to know and love a new bundle of fur is a welcome distraction from their grief. The decision is yours to make, and any decision that you make will be the right one.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we genuinely understand how difficult it is to lose a furry family member. We welcome families to visit our pet cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas, which is open seven days per week. Call (682) 587-2324 and let us know how we can support your family after your pet’s death.

  • Dealing with the Unexpected Death of a Pet

    For the brief time that an animal is in your life, he or she gives you happiness and unconditional love. There’s no time to mentally prepare yourself for your friend’s loss when the death occurs unexpectedly. It can be especially difficult to move forward from a pet’s death when you question whether it could have been prevented. Give yourself the time you need to heal, and take solace in the company of others who understand the depth of your loss.

    Coping with Self-Blame and Guilt

    It’s common for pet parents to blame themselves after the unexpected loss of a pet. This is natural, because you loved your faithful companion. It’s because of your love for your pet that you should be able to acknowledge that you would have done things differently, had you been able to foresee the tragic consequence. In other words, it wasn’t your fault. There is no way to know when a reckless driver will run over a pet, or when an animal’s sleepiness indicates a health problem. You did the best you could for your companion, but sometimes, things happen that are out of your control.

    Writing a Letter to Your Pet

    There are many ways you can memorialize your pet, such as by selecting a personalized headstone to mark the final resting place at the pet cemetery. You could also write a letter to your pet to express how you feel. Write about your happiest memories of your pet, and thank him or her for being part of your family.

    Giving Yourself Time to Heal

    Accept that the grieving process is on its own schedule. You’ll always miss your pet, but there may come a time when you’re ready to adopt again. Remind yourself that your beloved companion would have wanted you to give another animal a loving home.

    The compassionate staff at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory would like to extend our sincere condolences to your family for the loss of your beloved pet. We understand what it means to love and lose an animal, which is why so many pet parents choose our pet cemetery in Arlington, Texas. Call (682) 587-2324 to speak with an understanding staff member about your pet’s funeral.

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  • Get the Facts about FeLV

    FeLV, or feline leukemia, is a relatively common, contagious virus that affects cats exclusively. It cannot be spread to your family members or other non-cat pets. The way FeLV affects cats varies, but if your cat is diagnosed, there are things you can do to help your pet live a healthier life.

    Watch this video to learn more about FeLV. Some cats with FeLV don’t display any symptoms, and the virus remains dormant for their entire lives. Other cats may have severe, life-threatening symptoms. Your vet can help you help your cat maintain the best health possible if he or she is diagnosed with this condition.

    If your pet becomes ill and it is time to say goodbye, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help by providing you options for pet burials, cremations, and funerals. After the loss of a pet in Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth, call us at (682) 587-2324.

  • Considering Pre-Need Planning for Your Pet’s Burial

    Many families don’t consider how they will deal with their pet’s burial until their beloved animal passes away. However, waiting until the time of your pet’s death to make decisions like these can make a difficult time even more trying. That is why more and more pet parents are looking to pre-planning for their pet’s burial as a solution.

    Pre-planning lets you make decisions now about pet burial or cremation as well as the kind of pet funeral or memorial you may wish to have. Doing so gives you the opportunity to make these choices when you’re not grieving your pet’s death, so you can think more clearly about your options. Pre-planning also helps you prepare for pet burial or cremation costs.

    If you’re interested in pre-planning for your pet’s burial in the Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth areas, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. We can help you explore your options even if you ultimately decide you’re not ready to make a plan. Contact us today at (682) 587-2324.