• Strategies for Coping with the Sudden Loss of a Pet

    There is no good way to experience the loss of a pet , but having to say goodbye to a pet unexpectedly can be particularly difficult. The profound impacts of a pet death can creep into every part of your life, but there are strategies you can use to cope during this difficult time. Here are some tips that may help you process the pain you’re feeling and move forward in the grieving process.

    Let Go of Guilt

    When something as surprising as an unexpected death occurs, your brain will try to make sense of the experience by assigning a reason to it. This reasoning may leave you carrying guilt about what has happened to your pet. For instance, if your pet escaped through an open door and was hit by a car, you may feel guilty about failing to adequately close the door. Guilt is not a helpful emotion and will interfere with your healing. Remember that nothing that anyone in your family did that may have inadvertently contributed to the situation was intentional, and let go of the need to rationalize it by assigning guilt.

    Find Distractions

    When you’re grieving your pet , it’s natural to want to isolate yourself and focus on your loss. Although you may not feel like it, you should make time for some distractions. Visiting a friend, watching a TV show you enjoy, or taking a walk can all be welcome distractions from your grieving. Doing so doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped grieving or are over your loss. It simply gives your body a necessary break so you have the energy to cope with your feelings.

    Go Slowly

    There’s no need to rush the grieving process. Take your feelings one day at a time, and don’t pressure yourself to have a timetable to feel better. You will heal with every moment that passes, but you can’t skip any steps.

    As animal lovers, we understand the intense grief families feel after losing a pet at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. Our compassionate team is here to help you make the unexpected decisions you’re facing, from pet burial and cremation to memorial options. To contact us about your pet’s funeral in Arlington, Texas, please call (682) 587-2324.

  • Honoring Your Canine with Pet Memorialization Jewelry

    After the loss of a beloved canine companion, finding an appropriate pet memorial can provide comfort and give you a special way to honor your relationship. One such memorial option is jewelry. There is a wide selection of pet memorial jewelry, including some pieces that can carry ashes after pet cremation.

    Our memorial jewelry selection includes a variety of pendants, rings, bracelets, lockets, and key chains. If you have chosen pet cremation, urn jewelry can allow you to carry your pet’s ashes with you. We can also digitally engrave your pet’s nose or paw print onto the jewelry or use a picture of your pet to create a piece.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we understand the difficulties associated with the loss of a pet, and our pet cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas is here to help with all stages of saying goodbye. Whether you need our services now or wish to discuss pre-need services for your pet, please call us at (682) 587-2324.

  • Is your cat a healthy weight?

    As with humans, excess weight can be an extreme health risk for cats and can lead to premature pet deaths. This video provides tips on ensuring your cat’s weight is healthy.

    When at a healthy weight, you will be able to feel your cat’s ribs easily, but they will not be visible. You should also be able to see a defined waist when looking down at your pet while standing above her, and from the side, you should see an inward abdominal curvature. If you can’t feel the ribs or if the abdominal area protrudes, then your cat could be overweight.

    After the loss of a pet, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory can assist you with making important decisions about pet burials, pet memorials, and more. For answers to your questions, contact our pet cemetery in Dallas today by calling (682) 587-2324.

  • Ways to Promote the Long-Term Health of Your Canine Companion

    Part of being a dog parent means one day saying goodbye and making final arrangements for pet burial or cremation. Of course, all dog families want to keep their canine companions around as much as possible, and that means investing in her long-term health. Try these tips for protecting the health of your pup, so she can enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life.

    Keep an Eye on Your Dog’s Diet

    Just as with humans, dogs’ diets can have an enormous effect on their health. Talk to your veterinarian about which foods are best for your dog, and remember to make dietary adjustments at different stages in your dog’s life, as her needs change. Resist the urge to feed your dog from your plate. Not only are some foods that humans regularly enjoy unsafe for dogs to eat, but human food is also too highly caloric for dogs. It’s also important to limit treats so that your dog can maintain a healthy weight.

    See The Veterinarian Regularly

    Your dog needs to have regular checkups with the veterinarian. These wellness exams allow your vet to identify any potential health problems in your dog in early stages, so that treatment is easier and more effective. During these appointments, your vet will also educate you about specific health risks your pet has from obesity, dental disease, and other potential issues, so you can take the appropriate steps to protect your pup.

    Get Active Together

    Being active is good for you and your dog. Go for walks together, jog around the park, and get plenty of playtime in at home. These activities improve your dog’s physical and mental health, and they also help with behavior. Enjoy your time together, and you’ll both experience health benefits.

    When the end does come for your dog, let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory help you with the details. We provide pet cremation and pet burial in Dallas that is tailored to your preferences and budget. Contact us at (682) 587-2324 to find out more about our services.