Help a Surviving Cat Grieve the Loss of a Companion

Cats have complex emotions. Just like people, they feel grief and loss. During the difficult time after a pet’s death , families can find comfort in supporting each other and sharing their favorite memories of the pet. But cats can’t tell their humans how they feel, and they may have trouble understanding why their best friend has suddenly gone away. There are ways of comforting a surviving feline, and doing so may help you cope with your own grief.

Look for behavioral changes in your cat.

Although your cat can’t talk to you about his or her feelings, you might notice behavioral changes that are indicative of grief. Some cats cry often, and spend their time looking through the house for their lost companion. Grief can make cats display different personalities. Typically shy cats can become clingy, and may follow their human parents around the house. Active cats might become socially withdrawn. They may be too depressed to play or go outdoors to hunt.

Let your cat know what has happened.

If the deceased cat died at home, it might be a little easier for the surviving feline to work toward acceptance of the loss. Bring your cat over to the body of his or her companion, and allow your cat to sniff as much as he or she wants. This is a normal way for animals to understand that a death has occurred. Your cat will still grieve, but he or she might not display drastic behavior changes.

Give your cat lots of love and support.

Spend lots of time cuddling and stroking your cat. Talk to your cat too. Even though he or she won’t understand the words, the emotion and intent behind the words will be clear.

Ask a vet about antidepressants.

Medications are a last resort for cats who can’t seem to recover from the loss of their companion. Veterinarians generally only prescribe them after all other options have failed because of the risk of side effects. If your grieving cat is displaying severe psychological problems and behavioral issues , a short-term course of antidepressants might help.

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