Ways to Help Prepare Your Kids for Pet Euthanasia

Choosing to euthanize a pet is not a decision that is easy to make, and it can be even more painful when you must tell your children that the family pet is going to be euthanized. It is, however, likely the most compassionate choice you can make for your pet, and there are some ways to help your child cope as you deal with the loss yourself. Keep reading for some tips on talking to your child before your pet is put to sleep so that he or she is better prepared for the loss.

Help Your Child Understand that Your Pet Is Ill and Suffering
Using age-appropriate language for your child, you should explain that the family pet is ill and in pain, and euthanasia is a way to end that. Your pet may be less active or more frail in appearance, so your child may be able to easily see how it is time to let the family pet go as you explain what’s going on.

Discuss Your Feelings Openly
Your child will naturally be sad or upset when you break the news, and it’s important to encourage healthy ways of coping with those feelings. Let your child see that you are also sad and discuss the ways that are appropriate for handling that grief. Allowing more time to grieve openly as a family can make it easier to say goodbye to your pet.

Reflect on Positive Memories of Your Family Pet
As your pet’s life comes to an end, it can be helpful for you and your child to spend time looking at photos and telling stories about the family pet. You might even have one last photo shoot with your four-legged friend to create one more positive memory.

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