• Common Signs of Illness in Birds

    Birds aren’t quite as common as cats or dogs when it comes to popular household pets, but they’re just as loved. You can prevent premature pet deaths by understanding the symptoms of sickness and talking to your veterinarian promptly if you notice them. Keep reading to get to know some of the common signs of illness in birds.

    Appetite and Weight Change

    Unexplained changes in weight can indicate sickness in humans, and the same goes for pets. Birds need a lot of nutrition because of how high their metabolisms are, and a change in weight is usually due to a change in appetite. This can be extremely dangerous for your bird’s health. Monitor your bird’s eating habits and weight, and be vigilant about the possibility of illness.

    Unkempt Feathers

    You know there’s a problem of some sort if your bird isn’t keeping him or herself clean. Birds are known for habitually preening their feathers to stay as hygienic as possible. If your bird is looking dirty or unkempt, schedule a vet checkup. This is not normal behavior for birds, and it could mean there’s a health issue to deal with. In addition, in the case of a respiratory problem, birds might ruffle their feathers for a longer period of time than usual.

    Abnormal Droppings

    If you’re worried that your bird might be sick, one way you can get a better idea is by looking at his or her droppings. Yellow or black droppings can indicate sickness . On the other hand, don’t forget that a bird’s diet will affect its droppings, so compare the droppings to what they had previously looked like. A change in color or consistency can indicate a problem, so set up an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice these issues.

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  • First Aid Info Every Pet Parent Needs

    Having a pet is like having a furry or feathered family member, and you’ll want to keep your companion healthy. It can be tough to stay organized when you have so much else going on, however, so use this app to find useful first aid info for pets.

    The Pet First Aid app by Red Cross is a dog or cat owner’s best friend. Whether your pet seems a little off or is going through an emergency, this app can tell you how to handle it. The app also offers preventative care advice, and you can even create different profiles for each of your four-legged friends.

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  • How We Honor K-9 and Seeing Eye Dogs

    All dogs are intensely loyal, loving companions who deserve the best of care. Working dogs are in a league of their own, however, and at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we honor K-9 and Seeing Eye dogs, and respect the valuable services they provide to the community. When a Seeing Eye or K-9 dog passes away, our pet cemetery provides them with a respectful dog cremation or burial.

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  • What Is a Communal Pet Cremation?

    After the loss of a pet, you’ll have to decide how you want to proceed with end-of-life services. Pet cremation gives you a way to say goodbye to your pet while still keeping a memento, and there are different kinds of cremation services available. Continue reading to find out what a communal pet cremation entails.

    The two main types of pet cremation are individual and communal. With individual pet cremation, your pet’s remains are cremated on their own, and you can receive the cremains afterwards. In the case of a communal cremation, the remains of multiple pets are cremated at the same time, and then are buried in a specific section of the cemetery. There will be markers in the cemetery that make it easy to locate the site of your pet’s final resting place, so you can visit whenever you’d like.

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  • Preparing to Adopt a New Pet

    Some individuals choose to adopt a new companion shortly after a pet burial, while others prefer to wait and work through their grief. There’s no right or wrong approach. It’s true that adopting a new pet can help distract you from your grief, but don’t feel as though you need to rush the process. Your grief is real, and you need to take care of your emotional needs after the pet funeral .

    Make sure you’re ready for a new pet.

    Grief is complicated, and some mourners are given to impulsive decisions in the midst of their feelings of loss. Talk with your family to find out if they are receptive to the idea of a new furry family member. Remember that it isn’t possible to “replace” your beloved companion. Rather, you’re building a new relationship with another animal who needs a loving family.

    Decide what type of pet to adopt.

    You might not necessarily want the same type of pet. Sometimes, change can be a good thing. Consider adopting a new species of animal, or a different breed of dog or cat. If you do choose the same type of pet as before, look for one with different coloring and markings. Remember that if you decide to adopt an animal other than a cat or dog, you’ll need to make sure there is a veterinarian nearby who is qualified to care for that type of animal.

    Prepare your home for a new pet.

    If you do choose a new species, your family should spend some time researching the new pet’s needs, likes, and dislikes. Purchase the things your new pet will need, and have new food on hand. If you’ll be reusing food bowls and pet beds, clean these items thoroughly before heading out to the animal shelter.

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