Preparing to Adopt a New Pet

Some individuals choose to adopt a new companion shortly after a pet burial, while others prefer to wait and work through their grief. There’s no right or wrong approach. It’s true that adopting a new pet can help distract you from your grief, but don’t feel as though you need to rush the process. Your grief is real, and you need to take care of your emotional needs after the pet funeral .

Make sure you’re ready for a new pet.

Grief is complicated, and some mourners are given to impulsive decisions in the midst of their feelings of loss. Talk with your family to find out if they are receptive to the idea of a new furry family member. Remember that it isn’t possible to “replace” your beloved companion. Rather, you’re building a new relationship with another animal who needs a loving family.

Decide what type of pet to adopt.

You might not necessarily want the same type of pet. Sometimes, change can be a good thing. Consider adopting a new species of animal, or a different breed of dog or cat. If you do choose the same type of pet as before, look for one with different coloring and markings. Remember that if you decide to adopt an animal other than a cat or dog, you’ll need to make sure there is a veterinarian nearby who is qualified to care for that type of animal.

Prepare your home for a new pet.

If you do choose a new species, your family should spend some time researching the new pet’s needs, likes, and dislikes. Purchase the things your new pet will need, and have new food on hand. If you’ll be reusing food bowls and pet beds, clean these items thoroughly before heading out to the animal shelter.

At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, we firmly believe that deceased pets never truly leave us, as their memory will live on. We’d like to help you with your grief by offering respectful pet burial and cremation services, as well as pet memorials available in Dallas. Call us at (682) 587-2324.

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