• Understanding the Process of Grieving

    Pet deaths are painful. Although some people think that the loss of a pet should be easy to overcome, anyone who has loved an animal knows differently. Just as when you lose anyone you love, losing a pet can cause grieving. This video will help you understand what happens when you grieve.

    Grief is different for everyone, and there isn’t a right way to feel. Allow yourself to experience the sadness, loss, and change that occur after the loss of a pet. Repressing your feelings and trying to tell yourself that you shouldn’t grieve your pet will only delay, not prevent, the grieving process.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory understands how significant losing a pet is, and we’re here to support you through the process of pet burial and cremation. Contact our pet cemetery in Arlington at (682) 587-2324 when you need our services.

  • Considering Pre-Need Planning for Your Pet’s Burial

    Many families don’t consider how they will deal with their pet’s burial until their beloved animal passes away. However, waiting until the time of your pet’s death to make decisions like these can make a difficult time even more trying. That is why more and more pet parents are looking to pre-planning for their pet’s burial as a solution.

    Pre-planning lets you make decisions now about pet burial or cremation as well as the kind of pet funeral or memorial you may wish to have. Doing so gives you the opportunity to make these choices when you’re not grieving your pet’s death, so you can think more clearly about your options. Pre-planning also helps you prepare for pet burial or cremation costs.

    If you’re interested in pre-planning for your pet’s burial in the Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth areas, contact Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory. We can help you explore your options even if you ultimately decide you’re not ready to make a plan. Contact us today at (682) 587-2324.

  • Answering Common Questions About Pre-Need Planning Services for Pets

    Funeral pre-planning isn’t just for humans. You can also choose pre-need planning for pet burial or cremation. Many families have questions about pre-need planning and what it requires. Here are the answers that every pet family needs.

    What is involved in pre-need planning for pets?

    Pre-need planning is similar to funeral pre-planning for humans. You make decisions about how you will handle your pet’s remains after he or she passes. You can determine if you want cremation or burial, and if you choose pet burial, you can choose the type of plot you want. You can also make decisions about things like urns, memorials, or other tributes you will want for your pet. Your plan can be very detailed, or you can simply make the basic decisions and choose to fill in the details when the time comes.

    Why should I pre-plan for my pet’s needs?

    The loss of a pet can be a very stressful time. Having to deal with making arrangements for your pet burial or cremation can be overwhelming in the midst of your grief, and you may make choices that you come to regret later. Pre-planning also helps you understand the costs associated with burial and cremation, so you can be prepared. With a plan in place, all you need to do is call the pet cemetery when the time comes, and the staff can implement your plan, so you can focus on your family’s loss and supporting each other.

    How do I get started?

    To make pre-need arrangements for your pet, make an appointment at a pet cemetery to discuss your options. The cemetery will guide you through the process and help you make the choices that are right for your family and your budget. They can also explain what to expect in the immediate aftermath of your pet’s death.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is pleased to offer pre-need planning services at our pet cemetery in Fort Worth, TX. Start the process of planning your pet memorial today by calling (682) 587-2324.

  • Deciding Between Burial and Cremation for Your Pet

    Deciding Between Burial and Cremation for Your Pet

    After the loss of a pet, there are many decisions to be made. One of the first ones you will have to face is whether to choose pet burial or cremation. There is no single answer that is right for every family. Instead, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each to decide which makes sense for your needs.

    For many families, budget plays a big role in deciding whether to choose pet burial or cremation. Pet cremation costs can often be less than burial, though you may wish to pay for a pet urn for your animal’s remains. Pet burial involves the purchase of a plot as well as a casket, and in some cases, a pet memorial to mark the plot.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help you make the right choices for your pet. To find out more about the services at our pet cemetery in Dallas, TX, call (682) 587-2324.

  • What to Expect When You Visit the Pet Cemetery

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory provides complete pet funeral, burial, and cremation services for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Families who choose our pet cemetery come time and again to visit their pets in the tranquil setting of our pet cemetery.

    The pet cemetery is designed like a park and boasts oak trees and carefully manicured grounds. Pet memorials are set in place much like any cemetery, with burial plots and a mausoleum for pet urns. Families are welcome to visit their pets any time and bring flowers, toys, and other mementos to leave by their memorial stones. In addition to our cemetery grounds, families also get access to the full support of our compassionate team, who can help with pet funeral planning and explain important things like the cost of pet cremation and what to expect when you choose pet burial.

    Losing a pet is difficult, but Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory is here to help you through this trying process. Find out why families have been calling us after pet deaths in Dallas since 1996 by calling (682) 587-2324.

  • A Brief Look at the History of Pet Cemeteries

    Companion animals have long played important roles in the lives of their human families, so it is not surprising that pet funerals and pet cemeteries have a long history. Today, pet cemeteries continue to be places where families can come to pay their respects to the loving animals they have lost. Here is a look at the history of these cemeteries and how they have become the places that pet families use today.

    Egyptian Pet Burials

    In ancient Egypt, it was common for pets to be mummified and buried with their human companions, especially in the aristocratic class. Although some people assume that pets were killed when their owners died so that they could be buried together later, it was also common for animals to be buried alongside their owners later after dying naturally. Pets are found buried with their human counterparts throughout the Valley of the Kings, and one of the most popular sites in Egypt is the Saqqara Pet Cemetery, where animals who were worshipped are buried.

    19th-Century Popularity

    Pet cemeteries grew in popularity in the late 19 th -century, when some of the world’s best-known pet burial sites were created. Many of these were born out of necessity, as cities adopted ordinances governing the disposal of pet remains and restricting how closely pets can be buried to areas in which humans live. However, they quickly grew from being necessities to being cherished places families could lay their treasured pets to rest.

    Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

    Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York is the oldest pet cemetery in the U.S. Dr. Samuel Johnson, a veterinarian, opened the cemetery in 1896, and since then, the cemetery has become the final resting place for 80,000 pets and some pet owners. There are now over 600 pet cemeteries across the country to help pet families give their lost pets a fitting tribute.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory, it is our honor to help families say goodbye to their beloved pets with a range of services, including pet memorials and pet cremation in Fort Worth, Texas. We’re here to answer your questions about everything from pet urns to the cost of burial and cremation at (682) 587-2324.

  • Planning a Visit to Our Cemetery

    Surrounded by the natural beauty of oak trees and well-tended grounds, Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery provides you with an ideal location to have your pet buried. Our goal is to make the sorrow of losing a beloved pet a bit easier for individuals and families, so we provide a tranquil, quiet setting at our cemetery where you can visit the burial site and find some healing.

    When you visit our grounds, you’ll find a quiet and protected area that is dedicated to pet burials, and we encourage people to have a memorial service or a visitation period to help them find a bit of peace during this painful time.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory understands how difficult it is to make decisions about death arrangements following the loss of a pet. Our compassionate staff can explain all of your pet memorial options to you, and we provide a serene, park-like setting where you and your family can later visit your pet’s burial site. If you would like to learn more about our pet cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas, please call us today at (682) 587-2324.

  • Debunking Myths About Mourning a Pet

    Pet Cremation DFW If you’re like most pet owners, you rarely stop to think about losing your beloved pet forever. Planning for pet cremation or burial may be a difficult task, but thinking ahead can help you ensure your pet is properly honored. Read on to debunk some commonly held myths about what the mourning process involves.

    Myth 1: We Only Feel Intense Grief When People Die
    While dogs and cats may be just outside pets for some people, most pet owners treat their pets like family. Pets are best friends who are always there. They greet us in the mornings, comfort us when we are sad, and act as constant companions. It is perfectly natural to feel extreme grief over the loss or anticipated loss of a pet. Pet owners are capable of intense emotional bonding . That is a feeling to be proud of and it should never be minimized.

    Myth 2: Replacing a Lost Pet Will Speed Recovery
    The loss of a beloved animal companion can be as emotionally significant—and sometimes even more impactful— than the loss of a human friend or relative. Just like people cannot be replaced, nor can animal companions. Each dog or cat has a unique personality. It is never a good idea to rush out to buy or adopt a new pet in an effort to avoid mourning.

    Myth 3: It Is Best to Mourn Alone
    It is rare for anyone to achieve complete closure after a loss, whether person or pet. But mourners can greatly benefit by reaching out to friends, family members, and others who have recently lost pets. While planning a pet funeral or burial is an emotional experience, many pet owners also find it to be healing and cathartic. Consider planning a memorial service for your pet and invite only supportive loved ones. Remember, not everyone has owned and loved a pet, and not everyone will take your feelings as seriously as you deserve.

    For a full-service pet memorial and perpetual care cemetery, look no further than Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory . We provide pick-up, pet cremation, burial services, and customized memorials. If you live in Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth and have recently lost a pet, let our compassionate staff guide you through your options for remembrance. Call us at (682) 587-2324.