• Will My Pet’s Ashes Be Returned to Me After the Cremation Process?

    Many families choose cremation after the loss of a pet. How the remains are handled after pet cremation depends on the type of service you choose. Some families opt to have their pet’s cremated remains buried in a pet cemetery, while others prefer to take them in a pet cremation urn.

    Private pet cremations are performed for one pet at a time, which means that the cremated remains can be returned to the family if they wish to keep them at home in an urn. Communal cremation results in the cremains of multiple pets being combined. These cremated remains are buried in pet cemeteries in marked graves. If you choose communal cremation, you won’t receive the cremains, but you will know exactly where your pet’s remains are buried and will be welcome to visit the cemetery any time you wish.

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  • Memorabilia Options to Honor Your Pet

    After pet burial or cremation, there are a number of options for memorializing your pet with memorabilia. This memorabilia can bring you comfort after the loss of a pet and serve as a welcome reminding of the special relationship you shared. Here are just a few of the options you may consider.

    Some pet families love to have jewelry pieces that remind them of their pets. Jewelry may be engraved with your pet’s name, or you may opt to have a piece of jewelry that contains a portion of your pet’s cremated remains. Glass beads crafted using some of your pet’s cremated remains are also available. These beads can be added to bracelets and worn as jewelry. You can also choose a variety of urns and memorial vessels so that you can keep your pet’s cremated remains close to you.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Pre-Need Planning Services for Pets

    Funeral pre-planning isn’t just for humans. You can also choose pre-need planning for pet burial or cremation. Many families have questions about pre-need planning and what it requires. Here are the answers that every pet family needs.

    What is involved in pre-need planning for pets?

    Pre-need planning is similar to funeral pre-planning for humans. You make decisions about how you will handle your pet’s remains after he or she passes. You can determine if you want cremation or burial, and if you choose pet burial, you can choose the type of plot you want. You can also make decisions about things like urns, memorials, or other tributes you will want for your pet. Your plan can be very detailed, or you can simply make the basic decisions and choose to fill in the details when the time comes.

    Why should I pre-plan for my pet’s needs?

    The loss of a pet can be a very stressful time. Having to deal with making arrangements for your pet burial or cremation can be overwhelming in the midst of your grief, and you may make choices that you come to regret later. Pre-planning also helps you understand the costs associated with burial and cremation, so you can be prepared. With a plan in place, all you need to do is call the pet cemetery when the time comes, and the staff can implement your plan, so you can focus on your family’s loss and supporting each other.

    How do I get started?

    To make pre-need arrangements for your pet, make an appointment at a pet cemetery to discuss your options. The cemetery will guide you through the process and help you make the choices that are right for your family and your budget. They can also explain what to expect in the immediate aftermath of your pet’s death.

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  • Deciding Between Burial and Cremation for Your Pet

    Deciding Between Burial and Cremation for Your Pet

    After the loss of a pet, there are many decisions to be made. One of the first ones you will have to face is whether to choose pet burial or cremation. There is no single answer that is right for every family. Instead, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each to decide which makes sense for your needs.

    For many families, budget plays a big role in deciding whether to choose pet burial or cremation. Pet cremation costs can often be less than burial, though you may wish to pay for a pet urn for your animal’s remains. Pet burial involves the purchase of a plot as well as a casket, and in some cases, a pet memorial to mark the plot.

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  • Creative Ways to Memorialize Your Lost Pet

    Pet deaths are always devastating, but memorializing your pet can help to ease some of the pain. Many people are comforted by finding ways to memorialize their pets to honor the special relationship they shared. In addition to pet burial or cremation at a pet cemetery and the use of granite pet markers, there are many creative ways you can memorialize your pet in a way that feels personal to you and your family.

    Keepsake Jewelry

    One way to keep your pet close to you is to choose keepsake jewelry. This type of jewelry allows you to carry a small portion of cremains or pet hair with you in a necklace, pin, or other jewelry item. Keepsake jewelry is unique and lets you always keep your special pet close to you, wherever you are. You can choose discrete jewelry that no one will know contains a memento of your pet but you, or you can opt for a piece that either has an animal theme in the design or that is engraved with your pet’s name.

    Decorative Accents

    If you choose to have your pet cremated, you aren’t limited to an urn if you choose to keep the cremains at home. Glass ornaments are just one example of the decorative pieces that can you can display at home that incorporate your pet’s cremains. You can even have a piece custom designed to commemorate your pet in truly unique and personal way.

    Memento Chest

    Keep a collection of your pet’s favorite items in a memento chest so you can pull them out any time you want to remember. Memento chests can be engraved with your pet’s name and come in different sizes to accommodate things like your pet’s favorite toys, his or her collar, favorite photos, and even an urn with your pet’s cremains.

    Let Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory help you choose a way to honor your lost pet. In addition to pet cremation and pet burial in Forth Worth, Texas, we offer a variety of markers, keepsakes, pet urns, pet caskets, and other pet mementos . When you need our services, please call (682) 587-2324.

  • Reasons to Memorialize Your Pet

    Pet Loss DFW Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but it is a natural process of life. Knowing that there are options for pet cremation and pet burial can help alleviate the sting of your pet’s passing a little. Below are a few reasons to consider memorializing your pet, so you don’t have to say goodbye forever.

    It Helps with the Grieving Process
    Anyone who has lost someone, human or pet, needs to grieve that loss . It may be an incredibly sad and difficult time, but addressing that pain can help you get through it. Often, with the loss of a pet, many pet owners dispose of the remains by burying them in the backyard or paying a disposal fee at their local vet or animal control center. If this is truly someone’s wish, then it’s best to follow that. For many people, though, when they don’t have something tangible of their pets to hold on to or see, the grief and sadness might become overwhelming. You may feel like a piece of your heart is gone, but when you receive that memorialization of them, that missing piece may not seem quite so big.

    It’s a Way to Honor Your Pet
    Purchasing a pet memorial, such as an urn, memento box, or gravestone, is the best way to honor your pet’s memory and influence. Your pet left a huge impact on you and your family, so he deserves a special remembrance. A memento box can hold his cremated remains, your favorite photos of him, and a collar or token of his. No matter your way of remembering him, a beloved pet created a special place in your heart, and he deserves to be honored for that love and devotion.

    At Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory , we know how hard it is to lose a loved one. We want to show you and your pet the respect and love you both deserve. Whether you’re in need of a pet burial, memorial, or pet cremation in Fort Worth, Texas, call us at (682) 587-2324.

  • A Look at Pet Memorial Rituals

    Pet Loss DFW

    Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family. In the same way that having a funeral or memorial services after the loss of a loved one helps start the healing process, so too can a pet memorial help you face the loss of a pet. These are several ways people host memorials after pet deaths. Some of these rituals may help your family say goodbye.

    Use Photos
    Photos will remind you of special memories you have of your pet. Put together a photo album of your favorite pictures of your pet. Consider creating the album together with your family so you can all share your memories together. You may also decide to pick a favorite photo of your pet and have it framed or have an artist create a painting using the photo. Display your framed photo or artwork alongside a candle that you keep lit near the image.

    Plant a Tree
    You may find it cathartic to have a reminder of your pet in your yard that grows over the years in his or her honor. Planting a tree can be a great way for your family to honor your pet and to create a space where you can go to remember him or her over the years. If your pet spent time outdoors in your yard, choose a spot to plant a tree there. If you don’t have a space in your yard, sponsor a tree in a community park or other area in honor of your pet.

    Choose a Final Resting Spot
    Choosing a location for your pet’s remains allows you to say goodbye and to have a tangible spot where you can go to honor your pet’s memory. Select a site at a pet cemetery, and choose a personalized headstone, or opt for pet cremation with an urn. You may also choose to scatter the ashes in a special location.

    Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery & Crematory offers burial and cremation services for pets with a range of personalization options. For help planning a memorial after a pet death in Dallas, Texas call (682) 587-2324.